Apr 03

One of the more idiotic debates around the Snowden files was the neo Con/Liberal media debate was about legality. Snowdon’s actions were illegal and the NSA’s were legal. I would even concede that as true. However one’s actions were right and correct the others showed the grasping depths that our Govts go to to retain control for the people they represent [not us] and their deep contempt for freedom, people and democracy.

If Secretaries of States and Home Secretaries want to say people sitting in closed booths watching sexy webcams in GCHQ Cheltenham is legal, fine. If they want to say that sending undercover filth to impregnate protesters for the crime of believing climate science is proper, OK. If they say that backing death squads in Iraq is in the National Interest, whatever. If they say supporting al Quaeda in Syria is the same, it’s a view. They want to continue to hold people in the Guantanamo Torture camp without charge or trial having released the big boys of al Queada after doing deals, who am I to disagree. However why should I tolerate such marginal toilet licker opinions and they not tolerate any dissent?

The illegal label is meaningless and arguments over its application about who is in power not right or wrong.

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Dec 13

It is beyond annoying the continual polls of what supposedly white and black people feel about the deaths of poor Americans at the hands of the Police in the USA.

Regardless of anything else and accepting it proves nothing but the below is astounding slaughter  – not the same as calling cops murderers. It is surely ridiculous that people who had pen knives even are gunned down in seconds by police. Or that unarmed people are ever gunned down.  The thing most of these victims had in common was their poorness.

Conrad Hackett
Deaths from police shootings US 458 (low estimate) Germany 8 Britain 0 Japan 0

My point is that the approach of screaming racism does not work. It may well be a factor but we cannot change what is going through people’s heads or know it. Those who claim to lead communities and pimp the race angle are serving themselves or at best misguided. They also separate people from their fellow poor and offer a problem which in reality has no solution – changing hearts and minds.

Less aggressive policing, an end to continual fining for pavement blocking or jaywalking and better trained and mentally stable police can be made into a coherent demand. Screaming someone is racist or a group is racist what is the solution?

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Jul 13

It’s not to boil down something as tragic as the Israel death squadrons on Gaza  and the rockets fired back to a Monty Python sketch. It’s not intended to be a comedic. The small minority used to willfully stigmatise and allow the mass murder and destruction of a racial community is as old as humanity and there is no comedy in it.

The firing of rockets which have killed Israelis is ineffective and indeed given the way it will be covered Palestinians maybe should be grateful not to have more effective counter strikes. This kind of resistance is self defeating and feeds the rhetoric of weak venal men like Netanyahu and his ilk. It is a symbiotic relationship where Hamas get what they want martyrs and a captive population with nowhere else to turn. Fatah money and power over a trapped people and Israel gets to carry on stealing land and getting the unending stream of freshly printed dollars. The EU and others who pathetically give aid and build infrastructure for Israel to blow up each year should probably just stop or be accused of corruption for wasting aid.

The biggest threat to Israel is the world’s tolerance of US money printing. This is the reality not talk of martyrs and retribution or pleading to a press so corrupt in the West you get more truth in Haaretz than the BBC would allow. Point being whilst most westerners invested in this conflict are no fans of Israel appealing to our media is less effective than you think as this BBC snippet shows. Sure it says Israel killed someone but that he has a nice label.

Three Israelis have been killed by rocket-fire from Gaza, where 13 Palestinians have died in Israeli air strikes since it killed a Hamas chief on..

Or as The Clash chimed no doubt with the paid for by a regressive unfair tax BBC in mind

London calling, now don’t look to us
Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust

Memo to Palestinians looking to the BBC MSNBC etc 1 Jewish death is a tragedy with a name and face, 100s in rubble statistics. Sanctimonious lefties offering pity is not helping nor are rocket firing Berks. Nonetheless Israel’s agenda here is nothing to do with the criminal actions of some racist murderers which did not even happen in Gaza. To victimise 100s 1000s for the actions of a few is murder but don’t expect the news to tell us that – after  all the UK media treats someone who listens to phone messages as a pariah and the politicians who sanction war, torture, rendition and paedophiles as respectable.

Policy and response needs to be intelligent not fixations on martyrs whose claim to martyrdom is they got killed by bombs or as the BBC would say died peacefully at home from bombs exploding.

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Jun 12

This is not to decry the work of people who try to change things nor to poo poo their work. A lot of good can come from charitable works. I am talking here specifically about the hypocrites like William Hague and Gordon Brown who attach themselves like blood sucking leeches to campaigns and undermine them or for whom their support is hypocrisy defined.  Continue reading »

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Dec 13

A week when Barack Obama became the greatest deporter of immigrants but not his own Uncle who he never knew but lived with. He also, the drone program is this personal to the President due to its need for authority to kill extra judicially, killed a wedding party of 15 in Yemen a country torn apart some say by the craze of US Micro Lending  Neo Lib/Con folly now ossified into a them and us with Militants and Butchers – we support that latter of course. No doubt Obama is personally ringing the Yemen President to demand he arrest the journalists who report this based on his past form. Of course the big story is that Wall Street’s Gimp sat next to a Blonde woman and took a photo of himself.

Between a trivial media and a man who never saw a human right he did not look for an exception clause from think your freedoms are being protected? Think again. Indeed play the fine words the spokesperson for the Obama Administration made at Mandela’s funeral and just take in the bare faced hypocrisy of the Administration and its besuited front man.

Hopefully some nut will do a selfie drone strike on the Obama Administration, they deserve it.

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Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one? Continue reading »

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Jun 24

I grew up thinking that a written constitution and even a Bill of Rights was a good idea. That these somehow preserved something. The truth is the rules and rights are fine but they don’t work for the majority of us. That Britain and the US should be so involved in torture, rendition, war and spying makes the point. The US for all the bullshit about the Constitution and Bill of Rights joins with the UK in preventing ‘imminent’ attacks on the USA by people who live in the hinterlands of Pakistan. Continue reading »

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Mar 14

Monty Python once did a sketch about a menu of mostly spam. Spam is also used to describe junk emailings. It also covers the issues the politicians claim to disagree on such that Labour offer Spam and Chips, Tories Spam and Sweetcorn and the Lib Dems Spam, Chips and Sweetcorn.

You can almost discern the absolute unimportance of something when all sides opt to play – disagree. Thus all 3 sides are all too far apart over Leveson and press regulation but all agree, or at least their leadership on secret courts to hide Jack Straw’s, David Miliband’s, Bill Hague’s and assorted spook scum’s fetishes and dirty work. The official position is the laughable we’re paying out millions not to reveal secrets. Honestly as the Bradley Manning leaks show the idea of secrets is anything that might mildly embarrass the Govt.

There is hardly a need for secret courts given the majority of so called newspapers sold are the genuinely ironic, pompous and hysterical Times, the ranting Mail, the written for a fiver Express and The Sun which sells its sources down the river. Frankly if it appears in the Guardian and Independent that might make dinner parties for the dissolute Milibands somewhat less enjoyable but hardly a reason to pass draconian and clearly unnecessary laws.

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Feb 12

The latest non scandal in England appears to be Ready Meals contain actual meat not the skin and tendon we would expect. In America people who once claimed to be Liberals are whining that others are saying that the Obama Administration is nothing more than a illiberal bunch of murderers because they believe in having people killed outside due process.

Both bought a load of shit they were told was something else. Anyone consuming a Findus Beef Lasagne probably does not know or frankly should not care if it has horse meat especially as horse meat is better in general than cheap cow. Similarly many US Liberals clearly don’t care if their President is a mass murderer and not Liberal at all. Their reaction on finding out is that it’s OK for Obama to personally authorise the murder of people. Those complaining mere pedants who read the label and think that matters.

Obama’s defenders make a distinction between the honest in terms of torture Bush and the greater authority of Obama. Apparently to ‘Crat obsessed fans who label themselves Liberal having a president who lies through his teeth about even his most basic beliefs like President O’  is all good. Indeed they further claim he is able to Minority Report style Pre-Cog imminent threats to the USA in people who cannot locate the country on the map.

President Obama and his administration are no worse than Stalin compiling lists of names on the basis of rumours and intelligence to kill or ship to Gulags. What remains of due process in the US and weak pinko public opinion probably stops him protecting more people by killing more people who are no threat.

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Apr 18

Depressing news that Labour’s achievements in making friends with oil rich Libya and aiding their stable despotic ways with MI6 help on Rendition and Torture is being swept under the carpet by the evil Tories.  Continue reading »

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