Mar 03

The indignation at the atrocities of butcher Gaddafi from the British Govt would be mock had I not noted how naive Cameron was. Hard to accuse of Foreign Scribbler Hague of being any less naive as he showed by quieting Gay rumours by dressing like, sharing a room and appointing a young man with seemingly no qualifications. Continue reading »

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Aug 16

There is a lot of talk of cuts but until we have a genuinely intelligent Govt cuts cannot be reversed. The point is that they can be reversed and indeed by removing the mindless vandalism and headline chasing of New Labour the public services could be built better.

What cannot be easily reversed is another 5 years of Tory abandonment of the environment. Predictably the  two greenest manifestos in UK mainstream political history will yield a new phalanx of coal powered greenhouse gas producers. This is not party political only fools who want to be Labour MPs believe there is a substantive difference in any terms bar rhetoric here.

No doubt new runway capacity will follow as businessmen whine that expecting them to be cost effective and video conference is insane. I mean it reduces highly paid executives to  granny and grandpa talking over Skype to their grand kids in another country.

Whilst no one event can be definitively labeled as a result of AGW (man made climate change to plebs like me). It must be hard to escape people’s notice that the news when not dominated by moronic coverage of Naomi Campbell and murders is drought and death in Russia, Floods in Pakistan and Floods in China. Even when it’s not the climate it was pollution in the Gulf of Mexico as The Obama Administration’s fight to increase US production of Oil to pollute the world with went wrong.

The likes of Ed Miliband are currently sucking up to everyone promising endless metaphorical summer but when he has a sniff of power will he be following through on his Green sloganed placards or listening to Big Oil again?

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Mar 31

The Chancellors debate really showed that in terms of the economy the 2 major parties will not give away their full plans bar moronic pledges to continue to spend as much on ring fenced stuff and Vince Cable just told most of the truth.

What really shocked me was ‘The Vacuum’ George Osborne said much of what I said. We are borrowing money from China to buy goods from China. We are like a child being fed by a feeder who is using our waste to fertilise their land and just waiting for us to die or to leave us to die. It is extremely naive of our so called leaders to look on China as anything but a malevolent force. China’s internal repression and non toleration of dissent is not a model that is even an advance on Globalised Capitalism – a system it’s exploiting to put itself in pole position for the 21st century.

So at least someone does have some understanding of a horizon beyond just the ledger of the nation’s immediate finances. That it was George Osborne is surprising. Whether he can see beyond policies to ensure his friends get their full inheritance and to reverse the decline is the issue.

It would help if rather than the prattle about the current crisis we heard more from all leaders and chancellors about the long term and how we will stop being fed by China.

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Feb 18

The Dalai Lama having been met by Gordon Brown in a stable got to meet Barack Obama without a photo in a brick outhouse or some similar building. Really why do Brown and Obama bother? We know for all their liberal clothing the still follow neo-con foreign and economic polices like Globalisation and War. They have no need to meet this poor man merely to patronise him and do nothing.

Until the West breaks off allowing China to slowly own us by continuing to live beyond our means this is a game with only one result. There will be a denouement.

This is the irony of Globalisation it seems against the US National Interest as well as being a Climate Change disaster. The wars have achieved no obvious goal bar making the US even more in debt and reliant on China and consuming even more expensive, in a Carbon sense, goods.

Put simply the west needs a new paradigm and one that is much more self sustaining.

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Jan 13

Google finally lived up to its corporate bullshit and stopped kowtowing to the Chinese Govt.

After it said it did not believe in censorship over humiliating the First Lady Google, for whatever reasons,  has finally stopped supporting human right violations, sterilisations, murder, genocide, committing people to mental health institutions to bypass the few rights people have and supporting a stream of brutal murdering dictators in the wider world.

Now all we in the west need to do is stop over consuming their tat.

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Jan 07

It makes me wonder who or what is being defended when countries deny human rights abuses. Sri Lanka clearly murders and executes Tamils yet will deny deny deny. China clearly suppresses and murders opposition and Tibetan people. The US claims 115 insurgents are killed when they air-strike as though they can assess that. Even when those numbers include women, children and employees of the US forces on the basis of information supplied by a rival tribesman. When the UK kills 3 IRA people in Gibraltar or a Brazilian Electrician why pretend we did not execute them?

I just do not understand why they bother. It’s not as though people in the wider populace care? Or maybe they do not but if confronted by the admission your Govt just murders people then maybe they would be offended and feel reluctantly like they ought to do something about it? Maybe it’s for the people to protect them from the truth, an act of benevolence? Allowing us to walk around delusionally wondering why people want to blow themselves up on our aircraft when we are so nice?

Another side of this is that those in charge no matter how much blood on their hand, yes you Gordon, Tony and Barack, like to think they are civilised people who do things for rational reasons. That they are not the SS Officer just doing what is expected of them. That these people on some level believe their actions are just. Much like those not in power like me would like to believe the best of our country and it’s state justice and military apparatus were better than they are.

I guess life is easier if you always believe the story that suits you.

Albeit it seems to be leading us back to the dark ages.

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Jan 04

I clearly do not agree with NATO policy in the so called “War on Terror”. However as the sheer crassness of it unfolds and countries far more likely to supply terrorists than Afghanistan (Yemen, Somalia, even Nigerians and of course domestic Muslims) are even being openly discussed on lickspittle state news channels like the BBC it’s surely hard for anyone sane to agree either?

No doubt as with drug harm some grandstanding buffoon like Alan Johnson will say that Afghanistan’s not about prevention of terrorism! Just wasting Billions then?  Trillions if you have the over heads and numbers the US has.

Elsewhere at the first hint of a threat the UK and US have closed their embassies in Yemen. There is talk of UK teams withdrawing from the Commonwealth Games in India. Bear in mind the US already acceded to bin Laden’s main aim to get them out of Saudi Arabia, at the request of the Saudi’s who feared the rise of bin Laden’s faction in their own country. There is no macho veil here the Allies have cut and run everywhere they do not have massive forces and even if you believe in military force they have those in the wrong countries .

Quite who do we think we are fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq? Certainly no one who would have been a direct threat to us otherwise. A far lower threat than from our own population in the UK. It’s also unclear what having large scale military force and even winning the war can and will prevent? Is it really about pipelines and constraining China or at  least preventing China getting a decent piped supply of oil?

What’s terrifying for me is that the leaders of the 3 main parties in the UK support the Afghan folly. The rest of NATO pays lip service but on the understanding their troops avoid the real front lines.

You have to wonder at the influence of a foreign power in the UK political hierarchy.

I certainly am getting that colonial feeling.

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Dec 28

It would be ironic and funny if it were not so ridiculous and the consequences so severe.

Akmal Shaikh who is clearly mentally ill will be executed like the most cynical drug smuggler.

The irony is that the Chinese lock up plenty of people as mentally ill to bypass what little court system they have.

This is the country who pays Sudan to butcher black people.

This is the country globalisation supports.

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Dec 18

The sad truth is that even the dismal non agreement agreement that comes out of Copenhagen is actually not going to be put into action. Agreements like Kyoto lead nowhere as countries sign them as a mark of how good they are and then go away and do nothing.  How has the Kyoto agreement affected UK Govt policy in the last 18 years? Not at all. According to Ed Miliband said we [UK] lead in offshore wind – who needs satire after that. Ignore rubbish about China and India it is within the power of the Western countries alone who consume their output (with money borrowed from them) to make the necessary cuts. They do not have the will or the intelligence or the humanity to do so.

Obama’s position is more fatuous and equally depraved as Bush’s honest policy on Kyoto. What this all things to no men won’t say is 200 country agreements and bizarre Carbon Trading/Offsetting schemes are pointless – mere specious attempts to make the liberal political elite feel better about themselves without doing anything. Even had they agreed the deal that was muted originally it was most likely not enough even if by some miracle they fulfilled their pledges. What has been agreed is still more than our so called leaders intend doing.

Our leaders work for the interests of their political institution. Like all institutions they serve to forward the interests of themselves whatever their original purpose. In the week the New Labour party squatted on organised British Airways Labour unions via its judges and courts we can be in no doubt that New Labour is about keeping New Labour in power at any cost to the people it was founded to help.

The rich figure they can live with global warming and the people who kiss their feet like Mandelson and Brown are not about to offend them. They probably hope to live in their isolated walled cities when people start starving and dying and come looking for the rich and once so called powerful.

Sadly I have to hope the conspiracy nuts and frankly loonies of the Anti Global Warming obfuscationists are right.

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Dec 08

I am sure that all countries will have to address climate change at some point. However the idea that we in the rich world can demand the poor act first or offset our emissions is cuckoo land. Anyone making this suggestion is really a denialist. The poor countries emissions are often and arguably mainly caused by production that the West consumes. Arguably we have exported the production and emissions from goods and to now blame China and others for that is either naive or pretty stupid.

This is mainly a problem of the West. Our air conditioning, heating, driving, eating, waste, flying and energy usage is much higher. Our consumption of energy and fossil fuels are surely the first targets. It’s why I think rather than unworkable solutions or blaming poor countries we would be more effective taxing consumption locally on the basis of emissions. Thus 3rd world countries would gain competitive advantage selling us goods that were made more efficiently. We would also begin to cut consumption far more by working on the world’s top half a billion who disproportionately create CO2.

I make no bones about repeating that Barack Obama et al will achieve far more by leading the way here.  I see no use to a plan to make the 3rd world try to track their emissions and control them. Frankly many 3rd world countries are not able to protect their own environment already and passing the problems of our consumption back to them is a desperate attempt to do nothing. If you want proof look at the Dutch Trafigua who recycled their pollution and dumped it all over the Ivory Coast. As with the killers of Union Carbide in Bhopal there people will not be prosecuted or sent for trial. The 3rd world  is used a dumping ground and a refuse tip by the first world and the problem is on us.

The argument about China is facetious although obviously we would want them to improve but it’s within our power to force them to react. Without the need for silly conferences which seem like Kyoto to just be a means of obfuscation.If there was less demand for wood and meat then why would Brazil knock down its rainforest for instance.

It’s time for us to put people like Trafigua’s greedy overlords in jail and send a signal we are not hypocrites intent on doing nothing. At present the 3rd world knows we have no intention of mending our ways markedly.

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