May 03

I think the irony with the Conservatives is that I could given a choice of Labour or them back them if they stood for what they claim to. If they meant they liked the NHS or at least the concept of free Education and Health. If they believed in market economics and not the mass subsidy model that extends Govt Power and loads debt on hardworking taxpayers and even the ones who steal their pay. If they had even the remotest belief in freedom.

Sadly the Conservatives are a con. They stand for Feudalism and the stoking of land prices and rural subsidy at the expense of the environment and indeed the land itself. They stand for rentiers as they seek to take housing assets into the stratosphere with subsidy. They talk Austerity yet match Brownian profligacy with subsidy to all those groups and fossil fuels. Cameron’s greenest Govt ever is paying oil companies whilst the price is low and trying to turn the UK into a fracked waste land. They support the banks laying waste to our productivity and the SME sector. If you’re a small businessman who votes Tory you’re an idiot (or your [sic] an idiot as you would write it). They stand for fraud and tax evasion.

They support the same nonsense as Labour of nationalising debt and trying to extract all taxes from the hardworking families they so patronise. They pay off the babyboomers whilst reducing normal people to foodbanks. They hand power to MI5 to spy on us and on behalf of large banks and corporates. None of this will create a free society or even a working economy for the vast majority of us. They toss subsidy to Coca Cola via the aid budget. To BAE for weapons that don’t work. HS2 threatens to match NHS PFI as a historic waste of money and graft.

The Conservatives are a conceit of ideology some say but it’s worse than that they are feckless fools who are either: sociopaths who just want to inflict misery: idiots who believe they are following an ideology: or just plain feckless creeps in it for themselves*. Labour patronise the Tories damn the poor but it all comes from a ludicrous conceit reinforced by the education system that they are better than the next person.

* More than 1 answer may apply

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Apr 18

First up in why you should not vote for a party is The Greens.

Now I confess I am between the Greens and Lib Dems the Kippers, Labrats and Conmen not for me. However I believe in lacerating and being critical of even those one favours and whilst I believe in Man Made and Man Preventable Climate Change and am against Austerity as both moral and economic shittery the Greens are the only one of the 5 mains in England similarly minded.  Continue reading »

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Dec 30

This is not a demand for Coal or indeed a desire to go back to the days of deep cast mining. Having all but stopped coal production in the UK to now go back would be insane. Why would we in the era of AGW being the accepted science of Govt and main opposition go backwards? Leaving aside the issue to some fact to me of Climate Change. Why would anyone want the pollution and particulates if nothing else. Talk of Clean Coal is like fat free Suet.

Yet what prompts this blog is that even with 0.5% base rates the UK Govt has apparently guaranteed loans to the oil industry. That and generous tax breaks leads to the question Why? When rates are low only strategic industries should get subsidy, especially in an era of alleged Austerity. To pay for pollution and carbon release defines insanity?

Only a few weeks ago Fracking was still being mentioned in the budget by Osborne. In Norway’s not so much,  fracking gas reserves were estimated at 83 Trn Cubic Feet in 2011 by 2013 the more realistic figure was 0 cubic feet. It’s a technology that does not deliver and any Americans who think it will last to 2030 never mind 2040 as POTUS says, haha.

Equally it is only generous subsidy that allows the lunacy of BP to try to drill for Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and North of Scotland. That its lax attitude to human life added 11 deaths to the 15 murdered in Texas prior can be added to the sheer stupidity of subsidising them to do anything. Yet no fear the UK Govt still subsidises BP deep water drilling – BP also involved in Currency [FX] fraud we now find. The point being apparently it was wrong to subsidise nationalised industries to make Steel and Coal yet we will subsidise the uneconomic environmental rape of Fracking and Oil exploration. Activities so uneconomic even with Base Rates at 0.5% they cannot get funding without subsidy and with the Oil price dropping are not economic even with 0 cost of capital thanks to the subsidy.

It’s 30 years since the miners strike clearly Cameron and co would have been on Scargill’s side had he been a private company head with a credo of corporate manslaughter to his name.

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May 05

David Cameron showed he is a populist Kleptocratic leader. The man who uses 10s Bns in tax revenue to subsidise Banks, The Arms Industry, City, Big Oil and Hedge Funds said he was upset airlines deliberately put up holiday prices in the school holidays.

Um yeah!

Whether you’re Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Marx, Benn, Huhne, Cable or a fucking idiot but not as dumb as Call Me Dave what else would you expect? Continue reading »

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Feb 03

4 years seems the correct time for me to blog regularly then run out of steam. At least with this blog it’s not been tiring of the subject but more that repeated slating of the next Bank Fraud etc would serve no purpose. I started out thinking I understood some stuff but it really has been a case of the more I know the less precise and dogmatic I can be. Anyway a list of some themes with a quick comment.

Economics I have had to accept that all this QE etc is whilst I believe aiding the creation of an ugly undemocratic state and a massive transfer of wealth to the wealthy is not as mad as first thought. You might want to raise rates still and all but start again with hard money but would you really pop all the bubbles if you were in charge and how long if you did before someone shot you?

Politics is a nasty polar exercise between 2 parties in the US/UK who are only selling or monetizing the state’s wealth and liberating debt from the wealthy to the citizens. 2 Parties in Labour or Conservative and Democrat or Republican which despite wildly opposed membership can find agreement on Authoritarianism, Surveillance, War, Torture, Austerity, Rendition etc. They differ purely on the speed of what the sickos call ‘reform’ and how quickly the Work Camps get opened.

Libertarians and Austrians. People who believe in a ‘natural’ state of affairs that never existed. Mad ideas mainly from men to establish the enslavement of women and the poor.

Immigration a brilliant idea for the UK and Australia and many other countries rejected on the grounds of weak politicians and grim newspapers in search of readers.

Newspapers useful wrappers for Fish and Chips in the old days but their time has passed as better materials have been found for wrapping the best fast food ever. They have no other uses bar propaganda sheets for Billionaires.

Gold Buggery I own some but if it never goes up you won’t find me making tedious conspiracy theories. Yes markets are rigged but no one is going back to Gold backed money. No one.

Climate Change is still happening.

Anyway my list of MPs I have an ounce of respect for is short but will leave you with it Andrew Tyrie, Rory Stewart, Zac Goldsmith, Stella Creasy… ummhh maybe Clarke and Cable but ugh they do draw a ministerial salary under this Govt.

Anyway I envisage this blog staying up a few months and maybe the odd update but good bye.

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Dec 17

It’s funny the Govt are always these days bashing foreigners who come here to work and pay taxes but think nothing of doling out vast subsidy to foreign firms who take their earnings off shore tax free. Thus in an act of utter stupidity the wheels are being greased for Heathrow to have a 3rd runway. The Spanish BAA must be licking its chops as its puppets do the dance of the seven veils to get around their promises.

Of course the corrupt little men [Miliband Cameron] won’t just say look we’re being paid a great deal of money to build this and it will happen. No they pledge not to do it. Get a commission of suitable pin cushions to make a phony case and then pay some more sacks of shit for more studies when the facts have not changed in 20 years.  Heathrow on a Monday morning is already a no go area with traffic and can’t handle the traffic it has. Seriously is it only the brain damaged and self interested who want a 3rd runway? #TrollingMode

Only 25% of UK air travel is business travel and all the arguments we lose out are frankly bogus and unproven even if it is a minor factor. The facts remain Aviation contributes to Global warming. There is no overwhelming, indeed an extremely underwhelming case, for more runways. Given those facts the people who commission more loaded commissions should be charged with wasting public money!

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Dec 05

Blocking websites gets people criminal records and huge fines in the US. Greenpeace ‘activists’ arrested in Russia and facing likely a scary period and maybe some incarceration. Protest on the streets and you run into a legal smorgasbord. Indeed the language of State media in the UK has branded all protest before hand

More and more new laws to imprison people. Spying en masse by the various pant sniffing brigades of what the US and UK euphemistically call Intelligence Agencies but better to call them State Secret Police services aka MI5, MI6, GCHQ, CIA, DHS, NSA & FBI.

The upshot is that resistance has to take another form. It’s time to get creatives kids and not protest as an extension of our ids but with the aim of doing something.

Protest and being Poor are the only crimes properly prosecuted now.

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Mar 16

Wow the economy must be worse than I thought that this drivel is being dug up. A reminder to the 4th estate that they are the 4th estate. Nonetheless pure headlines and obfuscation.

Paedophiles are an important issue but Phone Hacking please…. It’s just another excuse not to talk about the broken economy or Climate Change. The plight of Huhnes and this are all filler as the real crimes go unpunished.

Which story did the Guradian lead on the inconvenient 20,000 NHS deaths even as Brown and co ‘over spent’ 300 Bn in PFI or some people had their phone messages listened to.

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Nov 04

First up one should not talk the economy down. However there is no evidence that Tory or Labour disbelieve their inane and delusional nonsense. Iain Duncan Smith thinks the UK will be fine outside of the EU. The Milibands are pimping a Living Wage which is classic New Labour using a worthy cause and source of worthy rhetoric without tackling the reasons why people don’t get a living wage – despite their being in power for 13 of the last 15 years. They all ignore the economic reality. That whilst it continues to subsidise the shadow banking industry that creates no wealth with 10s Bns each year the real economy will not grow and indeed the rest will shrivel and the parasite will have nothing to feed off either. At that point it won’t matter if we are in the EU or not.  Continue reading »

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Mar 03

I’ve no doubt that there are serious issues that will affect the lives of many in the Health Bill. Yet I can’t help feeling it’s more about the obfuscation of Westminster.  Continue reading »

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