Nov 30

Immigration raises it’s head and the main parties policies may be best described as moronic. The concentration on benefits is political and as with the austerity cuts probably going to cost more than it saves. The point is the swivel eyed of Migration Watch may not like immigrants and try to put lipstick on why they don’t but their view is rational to a point and I accept widely held.

The response of the neo Liberals is cloud cuckoo land. It’s jumped the whale. It’s ridiculous. The clear point is as much as we would wish it otherwise the neo libs’ policies of selling off council houses, creating asset bubbles and a rentier economy, privatising public services and their desperate desire to monetise the NHS and Education, without calling it privatisation, means we cannot expand services or build more infrastructure except at exorbitant cost. Make no mistake the reason that the UK could not cope is not lack of land or lacks of natural resources or opportunity. It is it conflicts with the aims of the major political parties.

LibLabCon should really form a single party and stop lying to us there is any major difference in policy delivery and that they stand for something. At present on Immigration and other issues they say we can have our cake and eat it but it’s very unclear what if any cake they are talking about.

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Oct 26

The UK Govt that wants to control inter Europe immigration whilst it has no handle on rest of the world immigration – net migration targets the dumbest idea since the NHS internal market. Immigration is of course the only thing putting some smile on the face of the economy with per capita GDP below peak never mind trend despite their, in their terms, reckless 100 Bn fiscal stimulous (the deficit).

To boot it has no idea on illegal immigrant numbers. It cannot process even domestic passport applications. Imagine our airports with Rich Fuckers, UK citizens and an Others’ line.

It’s a scorched earth policy by a demented rudderless weak desperate Tory leadership?

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Mar 27

Someone asked why Clegg would do it? (debate with UKIP) Well Clegg is an toff but not as venal as Cameron or demented and power hungry as Miliband. However the better reason is he had nothing to lose and he could outflank Labour among the self described intellectual middle classes by being openly pro EU pro Immigrant*. Just as Farage can outflank Cameron in the fear of the furrin stakes.

* I am pro common market pro immigrant BTW i.e. fuck the EU but not as much as all that.

Labour and Tory cannot engage with UKIP as their policies make no sense and they would be reduced to labeling and ad hominem attacks. Like the Tories with varying degrees of emphasis Labour feels it has to appear pro Europe for its corporate backers, antagonistic to Europe for its potential voters, anti racist but against immigrants! Alleged future Labour leader Rachel Reeves ranted at Immigrants on Question Time and just sounded like a nutter. This is why the main 2 will not debate Farage. They have nothing coherent to say on these issues.

Nick Clegg is a vacuum. He believes in nothing and has nothing to say for himself. Farage at least gives the impression he believes a word he says but his message is one whose merits are impossible to judge and of course he is a one man band disowning candidates and his own manifesto dependent on the time of day. UKIP and Lib Dems had a symbiotic relationship here. On the main issues of UKIP they are attacking from opposing flanks – such is the dimension of Westminster left to right now about the difference between Buda and Pest.

Make no mistake in my lifetime no two parties have been as close on policy as Labour and Tory but they dare not explain this or their Plutocratic policies. That their supporters argue so viciously and with such trolling effect shows their [supporters] stupidity.

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Jan 02

Why does David Cameron and others make up stats and complaints about new immigrants? Is it because the economic argument is one way. Indeed why do people make specious economic arguments against immigration when they are clearly fallacious or so atomised as to be irrelevant to the subject as a whole? Why do they invent crud like Health Tourism? Now we will charge furriners for A&E a bureaucratic nightmare and is Cameron really suggesting people come here to have Accidents and Emergencies!

The answer is of course the British are ill advised and wrong on everything as a survey showed. It’s why the poor are blamed even though they actually cost less than even healthy pensioners say. That 10s of Bns is given in subsidy to BAE Systems, Train franchises, PFI payments, Banks  etc as Iain Duncan Smith [IDS] tries to scrape a few 100 Mn off the unemployed! IDS a man who lost the leadership of the Tory Party by paying his wife.

It’s why the BBC, Guardian and Mail for all their pretense are state media – The Times does not even try not to be seen as State Media. The vast majority of their output is within the bounds of Polly Toynbee a person who equates support for Rendition Labour with her own goodness and John Redwood a man who does not know the words to the Welsh National Anthem. i.e. a pro Finance corrupt political centre which seeks to monetise at low prices valuable state assets as a sustainable economic policy! Continue reading »

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Dec 13

A week when Barack Obama became the greatest deporter of immigrants but not his own Uncle who he never knew but lived with. He also, the drone program is this personal to the President due to its need for authority to kill extra judicially, killed a wedding party of 15 in Yemen a country torn apart some say by the craze of US Micro Lending  Neo Lib/Con folly now ossified into a them and us with Militants and Butchers – we support that latter of course. No doubt Obama is personally ringing the Yemen President to demand he arrest the journalists who report this based on his past form. Of course the big story is that Wall Street’s Gimp sat next to a Blonde woman and took a photo of himself.

Between a trivial media and a man who never saw a human right he did not look for an exception clause from think your freedoms are being protected? Think again. Indeed play the fine words the spokesperson for the Obama Administration made at Mandela’s funeral and just take in the bare faced hypocrisy of the Administration and its besuited front man.

Hopefully some nut will do a selfie drone strike on the Obama Administration, they deserve it.

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Oct 22

You can tell the Tories are 11 points behind as they try to make something of the costs spread over 10s of 1000s of immigrants and holiday makers. That amounts to much less than the money their Privatisation of the Royal Mail cost us – without considering that immigration brings benefits and Royal Mail pension fund long term debts. The point being whilst I am sure there might be valid issues most of those stated amount to hysteria. If people want a land full of ‘their type’ of people then just say and stop getting faux outrage at fractions of a percent of GDP as a cost of immigration. If you don’t want immigration say so.

Having fleeced the public to benefit Chinese and French taxpayers with Hinkley Point C then really the Tories should consider why they are complaining at immigrants and yes some frightful spongers who con NHS into free treatment? They don’t have any solution. Indeed one can imagine saving 10 Million by spending 20 Million here to make some numbers – Brownian incompetence as it’s generically known.

It comes across as worse than someone who does not like ‘them’ in his country. It’s cynical gutless politics by people who have no answers. People who’d stoke hate rather than lose an election they will likely lose anyway.

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Aug 04

Sadly a lot of us do what might be considered trolling. Most of us do it with brothers and sisters or friends or just some shop assistant or barman telling us you’re barred. A lot more people are tripping the line on insanity than we credit. There is a lot of pent up frustration and self loathing out there and it comes out as trolling. Of course some psychos do it for amusement. Some may even be nefarious. Almost all are harmless beyond the words they used and best blocked and ignored. Continue reading »

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Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one? Continue reading »

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Jun 04

I posted this on the website of Chris Skidmore MP who complained at foreigners being responsible for his Govt’s and the last’s mismanagement of the NHS – I assume it will fail vetting. I’d also draw your attention to FactCheck’s systematic taking apart of this argument.

Are you going to answer Channel 4 Factcheck which implies you’re wrong.

The Bns wasted on NHS PFI which you do nothing about, even though you have a golden opportunity to either charge Labour with fraud or mock them, is far worse. We could send away all immigrants and ask doctors not to treat people but the service would collapse as 30% of its staff are immigrants..

You talk of missing millions but if we mentioned 10s of Bns still being taken off savers/pensioner by low interest rates. MOD personnel procuring rubbish for brave soldiers from companies they would later work for, you say nothing. The QE funding for the rich. All do far more damage than even a few hundred million we can essentially do nothing about anyway. The Bns given to financiers via PFI (300Bn!!! over spend yet no one in jail. According to the Public Accounts Ccommittee 8% per annum when Govt can borrow at 4%)

As a Tory MP and parliamentarian you will be well aware there are people who take for themselves and parasite on the rest of us. I won’t speculate why you would push this issue above far bigger ones but I am sure others will draw a conclusion.

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Jun 03

Faced with a housing bubble, PFI costs, a stock bubble, a bond bubble, deflation for 95% of us inflation for the rich etc etc Ed Balls big idea is to reduce Winter Fuel allowance for wealthy pensioners. He’s happy to follow Osborne’s spending forecast for 2 years.

Not quite the ranting swivel eyed loony inducing differences I find when Labour fans debate with me. Not the moral difference and sneering contempt Labour fans scream at the Tories and those of us who say they’re no different.

Just the narcissism of small differences. Vote Red Salt says a man who blamed Immigrants when standing for Leader of the Labour Party. Clown and Bigot made one in Ed Balls.

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