Mar 27

Someone asked why Clegg would do it? (debate with UKIP) Well Clegg is an toff but not as venal as Cameron or demented and power hungry as Miliband. However the better reason is he had nothing to lose and he could outflank Labour among the self described intellectual middle classes by being openly pro EU pro Immigrant*. Just as Farage can outflank Cameron in the fear of the furrin stakes.

* I am pro common market pro immigrant BTW i.e. fuck the EU but not as much as all that.

Labour and Tory cannot engage with UKIP as their policies make no sense and they would be reduced to labeling and ad hominem attacks. Like the Tories with varying degrees of emphasis Labour feels it has to appear pro Europe for its corporate backers, antagonistic to Europe for its potential voters, anti racist but against immigrants! Alleged future Labour leader Rachel Reeves ranted at Immigrants on Question Time and just sounded like a nutter. This is why the main 2 will not debate Farage. They have nothing coherent to say on these issues.

Nick Clegg is a vacuum. He believes in nothing and has nothing to say for himself. Farage at least gives the impression he believes a word he says but his message is one whose merits are impossible to judge and of course he is a one man band disowning candidates and his own manifesto dependent on the time of day. UKIP and Lib Dems had a symbiotic relationship here. On the main issues of UKIP they are attacking from opposing flanks – such is the dimension of Westminster left to right now about the difference between Buda and Pest.

Make no mistake in my lifetime no two parties have been as close on policy as Labour and Tory but they dare not explain this or their Plutocratic policies. That their supporters argue so viciously and with such trolling effect shows their [supporters] stupidity.

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Jul 28

I have a relative who’s done rather well. He’s the social mobility that people say is missing. What does his example mean to the other 1000 who went to his school? Does it mean because the boy done good the rest who have not eating at soup kitchens makes society fairer? Social Mobility is a sign for me not a goal. Its lack a sign of a society where Capital is hoarded by a small connected minority whatever creed or colour or religion they are, The Privileged.

Now US Liberals who tend to lead UK Liberals or Progressives as they ironically call themselves have coined the term “White Privilege”. Now it’s true people at the top regardless of the odd token are mainly white. Indeed away from elections and politics probably more so. White Privilege to extol the need to promote a small minority of a minority is just another angle of the racist creed of Multiculturalism. A few token faces to pad the reality that society does not use the full talents of its people only a mostly chosen clique. I wonder if this is a way for mainstream ‘Progressive’ politics to isolate Occupy and the growing numbers who see through the ‘left’ ‘right’ farce of a debate between our major political parties.

Austerity reduces public  education and health on both sides of the Atlantic. The poor they’re likely to get poorer. Yet take care of Health and Education and offer jobs with real wages and everything else will take care of itself to a degree. Economies of countries dedicated to their financial system parasite create no wealth without creating ever more debt – unsustainable. They atrophy the rest of the economy into an unchanging zombie existence that neither pro or anti Capitalists should support.

This is a downward spiral that doesn’t care what race its victims are.

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Sep 18

I’ve mocked grade inflation and Labour’s “Education Education Education” as “Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications” for the middle classes’ offspring” but that does not mean changes seemingly concocted in a day by Gove and the Liberal Democrats are an advance. Indeed it all seems a hurried attempt to get over Gove forcing pass rates down in the same vein as those who forced them up.

I’m no more convinced today that Education means anything. That it was another Labour spend fest to make money for PFI providers with no clear goal – see NHS. That any improvements were incidental rather than part of a coherent plan. Unlike Police corruption, Tabloid corruption, Hillsborough, Mull crash and locking up Asylum children this seems a can the coalition has in true Labour style kicked down the road. Sadly all the big spend big issue stuff is deemed too risky for a proper change. The problem is of course with his point-less Free schools, obvious visceral hatred of the poor and lack of personal qualities Gove has no capital to change anything and many would add should not as he’s not got anything more than a series of 19th Century instincts either.

No one for me is talking about how education can be improved merely shuffling between course work and exams regardless of what is learned. Education has like all institutions in the era of reactionary media and politics become about the bottom line not its actual purpose. Moving to only exams hardly changes that albeit the chance of Plagiarism is lessoned.

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Apr 29

If there was a conspiracy by Baby Boomers to use the last of the planet’s resources and leave the rest of us, their children, deep in debt they probably would not have done a better job. Continue reading »

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Dec 16

It seems this Christmas that the kids are going to be fed party food whether their mums shop at Iceland or Morrisons or Marks and Spencer. Indeed these veritable feasts of Grot can be purchased anywhere. Continue reading »

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Nov 25

The students smashing it up and really achieving nothing but showing that they do not like something and it’s not going to change. The problem they have is that asking the taxpayer to fund their education is not going to wash. Certainly the costs involved are high but, maybe from a jaundiced point of view, I see no reason for this vastly expanded university education. It’s not working for anyone anyway it’s just producing more people with more paper for at best the same number of jobs. Graduate unemployment is not pretty. Continue reading »

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Nov 21

So the party of 90 day internment to get rhetorical advantage in the event of a terrorist event now says it got things wrong. That it should not hate people. That the malevolent anti human views of Blair and Brown are a thing of the past and their creepy minions will not go there again. Really. Continue reading »

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Nov 11

Like it or not most of us on the non Marxist left feel the need to support Labour. It’s not a feeling I share and I no longer feel it is understandable. Yet you can already see that they have closed the book on 13 years of authoritarian stupidity and will try to recommend a broken unrepentant party trying to position itself marginally to the left of the Tories with a sort of ‘and we’ll lock people up regardless’ edge to them. In practice well to the right on liberty and humanity. Continue reading »

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Oct 17

I know I have sent Liberal Americans vile views of President Barry Drone Strike and I have shouted down all attempts to talk up Labour as though the 13 years of Govt that recently ended were an aberration. However others would say that those politicians whilst merely incompetent were working within the bounds of the possible in our frozen systems of Govt given a nihilistic press run by rich people who don’t care how poor the common man is.

Thus the answer to what can we expect from a Capitalist society is now a dawning one. What can we expect our politicians to do in the mire of vested interests and impenetrable contradictory rhetoric. Certainly not what the Baby Boomers granted themselves leaving us with the tab. I think it’s no accident politicians suddenly appear who at least are not of the generation of the self indulgent self interested like Gordon Brown was.

Certainly the UK would be in marginally better shape without Brown’s malevolent influence over the last 13 years. However it’s doubtful the levels of Private Debt would be much different. It’s also true that we would not be much more productive and unemployment would likely be higher. We would still be trying to get students to pay for their unemployment by being at Universities doing courses not worth the money for a qualification whose import into their lives is more an admission fee than accomplishment.

So what can we expect? Work to 70. Low basic pensions. Means testing. Less free bus travel. Low rates of Benefit when unemployed. Higher thresholds to qualify for incapacity benefit. Top Up Fees for health. Fuel Poverty. Higher taxes to pay off the Baby Boomer debt. Greater ghettoisation as the only people to have kids are those rich or so poor they have nothing to lose. A greater and hence more reactionary lower middle class.

The nightmare is that unless you earn well above average income any benefits you get from income will likely be eroded by taxes and fees to pay for Health and Education – the direction is clear sadly whatever the current rhetoric, we will try to make public services cheaper and the next step is…. see further Education. Really what we are seeing is an increase in the poorer classes as rich countries rich people have no attachment to locality and can feed off the world regardless of whether we can afford good houses, new cars, 5 TVs etc etc. Certainly no safety net if our genetics or immune system or luck fails us.

Would this put Capitalism in question? Probably not in an X Factor obsessed nation like Britain with incompetence as a necessary qualification to be the General Secretary of a Trade Union or a Shadow Chancellor. However ask that question if France or Greece or Italy tried to do Osbornesque cuts.

This is the challenge for the non Marxist Left in a world of debt how to pay it back and create sustainable public services in a modern Capitalist Society. The best chance to have done so was 8 years ago. We may never have that chance again and so please keep praise for Labour’s achievements measured and condemnatory of the Cost. That cost is to be measured in a decline to the lives of 60 million people over the next 10 years at least. That would have happened even without Osborne.

We can all smell the coffee we just won’t be able to afford to taste it  as things stand.

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Aug 19

I do not know who came up with the word multiculturalism a word for a racist concept that has no opposite – monoculturalism is not a word as my spell checker attests. It takes the  clothes of multi cultural society, a good thing, and twists them to support its opposite. The main application of this brutal creed by New Labour was the increased use of state funds to fund religious indoctrination. The result is religious schools can teach whatever religious theory it likes.

What I really object to is not so much this sad pathetic attempt to keep the coffers of the pedlars of superstition full for many years to come. Indeed judged on my friends brought up Catholic all a Catholic education brings many people is a life long contempt for the cult. However what it does do is separate children into racial and religious groupings. People in formed groups can develop visceral hatred of other groups whether they believe the religion or not – especially when those other groups have a markedly different appearance.

Many councils are already starting to try to tackle the legacy of multiculturalism and to try to mix children who have become separated by even regular state schools yet this is undercut by schools who can exclude on religious grounds.

It’s also divisive and dare I say racist. Suppose I want my child in the state school local to me. He cannot get in as he is the wrong religion. My choice of schools is compromised. Indeed you could argue in a small way we have a Jim Crow/Apartheid law here whereby state schools for different groupings may be considered separate but equal. Metaphorically the front of the education bus in my area might be for catholics and the back atheists and the middle Hindus, Jews and Muslims.

Some say to not allow religious schools is a denial of parental choice but clearly to allow them is a denial of parental choice on the grounds of religion which is normally known as bigotry.

What next Scientology schools? And if not why not? Is a revealed religion any less credible for being newer?

The only fair solution is for state schools to become almost all secular.

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