Apr 03

One of the more idiotic debates around the Snowden files was the neo Con/Liberal media debate was about legality. Snowdon’s actions were illegal and the NSA’s were legal. I would even concede that as true. However one’s actions were right and correct the others showed the grasping depths that our Govts go to to retain control for the people they represent [not us] and their deep contempt for freedom, people and democracy.

If Secretaries of States and Home Secretaries want to say people sitting in closed booths watching sexy webcams in GCHQ Cheltenham is legal, fine. If they want to say that sending undercover filth to impregnate protesters for the crime of believing climate science is proper, OK. If they say that backing death squads in Iraq is in the National Interest, whatever. If they say supporting al Quaeda in Syria is the same, it’s a view. They want to continue to hold people in the Guantanamo Torture camp without charge or trial having released the big boys of al Queada after doing deals, who am I to disagree. However why should I tolerate such marginal toilet licker opinions and they not tolerate any dissent?

The illegal label is meaningless and arguments over its application about who is in power not right or wrong.

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Jul 13

It’s not to boil down something as tragic as the Israel death squadrons on Gaza  and the rockets fired back to a Monty Python sketch. It’s not intended to be a comedic. The small minority used to willfully stigmatise and allow the mass murder and destruction of a racial community is as old as humanity and there is no comedy in it.

The firing of rockets which have killed Israelis is ineffective and indeed given the way it will be covered Palestinians maybe should be grateful not to have more effective counter strikes. This kind of resistance is self defeating and feeds the rhetoric of weak venal men like Netanyahu and his ilk. It is a symbiotic relationship where Hamas get what they want martyrs and a captive population with nowhere else to turn. Fatah money and power over a trapped people and Israel gets to carry on stealing land and getting the unending stream of freshly printed dollars. The EU and others who pathetically give aid and build infrastructure for Israel to blow up each year should probably just stop or be accused of corruption for wasting aid.

The biggest threat to Israel is the world’s tolerance of US money printing. This is the reality not talk of martyrs and retribution or pleading to a press so corrupt in the West you get more truth in Haaretz than the BBC would allow. Point being whilst most westerners invested in this conflict are no fans of Israel appealing to our media is less effective than you think as this BBC snippet shows. Sure it says Israel killed someone but that he has a nice label.

Three Israelis have been killed by rocket-fire from Gaza, where 13 Palestinians have died in Israeli air strikes since it killed a Hamas chief on..

Or as The Clash chimed no doubt with the paid for by a regressive unfair tax BBC in mind

London calling, now don’t look to us
Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust

Memo to Palestinians looking to the BBC MSNBC etc 1 Jewish death is a tragedy with a name and face, 100s in rubble statistics. Sanctimonious lefties offering pity is not helping nor are rocket firing Berks. Nonetheless Israel’s agenda here is nothing to do with the criminal actions of some racist murderers which did not even happen in Gaza. To victimise 100s 1000s for the actions of a few is murder but don’t expect the news to tell us that – after  all the UK media treats someone who listens to phone messages as a pariah and the politicians who sanction war, torture, rendition and paedophiles as respectable.

Policy and response needs to be intelligent not fixations on martyrs whose claim to martyrdom is they got killed by bombs or as the BBC would say died peacefully at home from bombs exploding.

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Jul 21

A footnote to Samantha Power’s execrable nonsense to a committee is that as a result of what she said Venezuela has broken off ties to normalise relations. Other than for being a venal say anything all Power demonstrated was that America talks to itself and only itself. An easily understood orthodoxy is created and countries divided into good and bad – like a child might. Samantha Power diplomat, an oxy moron?

This of course has nothing to do with the size of the parasitic defense industry paying them off see below.


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Oct 13

I invent words and one I use in that inner voice to describe cluster stupidity is an ‘Absurdicom’. Creators of Absurdicoms are British Home Secretaries. The current incumbent or in-clown-bent as I might think is Theresa May. May went to Oxford so technically she is my intellectual superior. However clearly Oxford is no place for learning other than conformity and knowing your role and place.

Abu Qutada an Islamic cretin or as the BBC and other spineless outlets of the Govt would say a Radical Cleric. He’s apparently so dangerous that he’s been held without trial off and on for 10 years – who needs Guantanamo. Apparently for all their hubris Oxford, Cambridge et al do not produce any lawyers capable of convicting this supposed terrorist master mind. This in a country which gives people 4 years for writing stupid stuff on Facebook!

When this reached Absurdicom levels was when we found out that May tried to negotiate a pardon for this guy in Jordan so we could deport him. Now with the internet etc he’s as dangerous in Jordan as he is in Jarrow. Thus the obvious conclusion, as with Abu Hamza who the US helped us out by taking off our hands, is that essentially he’s been held without trial like we are some despotic state – he’s also been tortured with sleep deprivation to boot etc.

Consider what this Govt is doing to the poor and the millions spent locking up and trying to deport someone we don’t consider dangerous at all. You can only conclude that either May (plus Labour predecessors), the Justice system, MI5/6 and The Police are all incompetent or so weak that having built this apparent clown they want pardoned into an ogre they can’t tell the Daily Mail et al actually he’s not a threat really.

There is no logical way to explain what is happening here it’s an absurd situation.

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Mar 06

One has to wonder how intelligent Putin and his advisors are. A few hundred people over stay a demo and he sends the police in making headlines in Western Newspapers. Continue reading »

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Apr 01

It’s a difficulty of being sensible and liberal that you always get asinine case studies and to defend the worst i.e. would you torture if you knew a bomb was about to go off? Continue reading »

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Mar 20

The allies have gone into the Libyan civil war now. Their no fly zone appears more like a racing handicap thing as they try to equalise the two sides. Unlike Iraq and Aghanistan there is not need of a clear and present danger or even a totally opaque one. What we have here is a good old fashioned despot killing his people and unlike the Marsh Arabs in Iraq we’re not going to leave them to be killed from the air. Like the reluctant hero in a film we are apparently compelled to act. Continue reading »

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Sep 06

Is there any serious TV news left? Any TV news program that does not scrape stories from the Tabloid waste bucket? Any news that sets an agenda beyond the immediately obvious? The questions are rhetorical in case anyone was thick enough to think yes to any of them.

I ask because the trial of Charles Taylor continues and now the story is not how correct and how much Naomi Campbell is withholding but matters of such trivialities as murder and torture and the usual cornucopia of tyrant’s behaviour apparently it’s of no interest to the media.

The sanctimonious turd Krishnan Guru-Murthy barely mentioned Taylor even whilst he was pursuing Campbell’s testimony for minor errors in re-collection 13 years ago. Indeed by rep’ one would imagine a quiz on 13 minutes ago would fox Ms Campbell. Murthy and Snowy have not returned to the subject. Tweet them and no response. Too busy getting up to speed on The Big Man’s sex life?

Newsnight was little better, although it lacked a pipsqueak self righteous twit who did not listen to the answers he was given, it tried to make a celebrity out of Taylor’s lawyer.

Yet since the relatively unimportant testimony of Campbell which showed the ICC up as a ridiculous circus the 2 supposedly serious news programs have done nothing. They’ve said nothing. Like the tabloids they just respond to the agenda of agents, celebrity, immediacy, lobbyists and PR goons.  At least Sky News does not pretend it’s telling the truth or cares about anything.

It’s no accident the 2 big current stories broken have been by the New York Times and the News of the World not by 24 hour or serious news outlets.

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Aug 07

The media and the idiots who spew bile (moi?) were out in force this week at Naomi Campbell who showed far too much respect for the ICC by pointing out the inconvenience of her testifying in a case she had no worthwhile evidence for. Indeed I assumed I was in hell in a snow storm this morning as I almost felt sympathy as the press desperately grab at things she might have done that were illegal – even though any laws she may or may not have broken were aimed at protecting de Beers monopoly and the concepts of Blood Diamonds was hardly currency in 1997.

Yet who was the villain? Charles Taylor of course. Who invited Taylor? Who was the only reason Campbell was there given she had no idea who Taylor was? Whose foundation was likely taking blood money and who knows maybe blood diamonds from Taylor? Why aren’t the media asking hard questions? Where’s Chris Hitchens when you need an iconoclast? The point is that the nuance of being a friend of the butcher Taylor and a much more knowing accomplish than Ms Campbell does not fit the pastiches of a Mandela the super hero who served 27 years for his cause.

Indeed like many leaders Mandela’s critics probably lie in South Africa’s own borders. Mandela’s  failure to offer poor South Africans improvements the buffoon Chavez has tried to with his country’s natural resources in terms of stuff like housing, clean water, doctors, education. Mandela’s South Africa instead agreed to the strictures of Globalised Capital the poor of all races remain the poor relatively and absolutely.

This is not to damn Mandela who did a formidable job and survived his incarceration without bitterness merely to say that it says nothing good about the media when a vacuous supermodel is the story for doing next to nothing except maybe believing the myth that one person is 100% good.

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Aug 05

So the International Criminal Court in a fit of trying to remind people it exists for more than locking up aging people from the Balkens has called as a witness a balding UK born model. Her testimony given her complete lack of credibility and rationality is a waste of time and this may safely be called a stunt by an increasingly irrelevant camp for aging failed dictators.

The only people on trial here generally speaking come from the losing side. Gaddafi is not there. Mugabe. Karzai. Blair. Brown. Straw. Shimon Peres. Livni. Saud. Ahmadinejad. Obama. Drone strike operators. An endless list of current villains whose behaviour is not changed one bit.

Indeed the USA does not even sign up to the ICC which is a flaw. Obama will talk to the Sauds without pushing human rights but will pimp jets and missiles. He will talk to Sri Lanka’s butchers on bended knees because of the threat of Chinese influence and strategic placement in the Indian Ocean. Consequently none of these is going before the ICC.

Calling Naomi Campbell is a coup for the ICC as it trumps other reality shows as Campbell is not yet desperate enough for a 100 grand. I am sure that will come and wager she lasts less than a week on whatever Reality Show she ends up on. It merely goes to show the ICC is nothing to do with the reality of justice just attention seeking buffoonery.

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