Aug 14

One can hope that the Police are able to handle future riots better. Certainly they will be better placed than bloggers, Cameron and the rest of the toads in Parliament to decide what to do. Continue reading »

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Jul 05

With no effective opposition outside the Coalition it does seem some Tories are dusting off their Final Sol… Answer to the public sector.

Labour are pitiable opposition with their prior policy of running up debt until a future generation really does find there is no money left. Also whatever one’s fear and ideological standpoint it makes almost no sense for us to try to growth maximise when were have the worst structural problems of all the major economies in terms of Public and Private Debt and a moribund manufacturing sector. If the cuts are as envisaged last week I have to say we are taking the stagnation if it occurs for our Grand Kids if not our Kids and I can accept that. Unlike Labour I don’t hate future generations that much to just carry on piling up debt.

However if we start to see deep cuts in areas such as Welfare, Health and Education then we know the real target is to strip the poor of health, wealth and lives worth living.

The effective opposition has to come from the Lib Dems and they should not be seduced. It amazed me how Labour kow towed to Blair’s religious lunacy (his view not mine) that led to Iraq and the continuing pit of despair that is Afghanistan. Thus it is frightening to think Liberals could get sucked down this path of creating a servile poor living in brutal ghettos that would seem the only result of rolling back the state much beyond what Chancellor Osborne spelled out last week.

The two budgets that cry out for revision are arms and the Police. The idea that having masses of form filling Policemen doing beat work occasionally and Community Support Officers cuts crime better than handing out Heroin to Heroin addicts and other controlled measures is laughable. The MOD’s senior people seem to get away with what is at best incompetence at worst outright corruption in procurement. We could have spent a lot less and have a lot more from and for our armed forces. A 24/7 nuclear Submarine force that even experts are saying can stay in port and put to sea when a specific threat is identified. Afghanistan no brainer leave.

There are cuts to be made and they may even have to be made. However  when they come at the expense of already failing school, health and transport systems sorry I am against them.

It’s on you Clegg, Cable, Alexander and co.

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Feb 18

If you could have listed 2 things that Labour should have tackled in 1997 you might have chosen cleaning Hospitals and cleaning Hospitals. Ok you might also have thrown in paying for care of an ageing population.

New Labour spent a lot boosting doctors, nurses and building Hospitals with massive PFI returns to the Bankers. Rendered less than mute by the failure to get some immigrants with cloths, vacuums and other cleaning utensils in enough numbers – not to mention doing nothing to prevent the massive death toll from over and incorrect prescribing.

Having said that you might have felt as the country ages that the Govt would do more than just raise our retirement age! The fact they are talking care now is laughable 13 years on from their original election win. Almost like you only get sane Govt not aimed at enriching friends in the City when the finances are shot and it almost does not matter who is in power.

At the first hint of a suggestion that the idea being considered was a sum of money payable against the person’s estate on death. The Tories instantly rushed out adverts complaining about a Death Tax. That nailed it! A tax on death. Awful how could they suggest that?

How about because it’s sane. If I have to pay taxes I would happily do it when I die. Better to pay when you cannot take it with you? Surely this piece of Tory spin shows them as nothing more than opportunist chancers? Do they think that paying a sum on death is worse than paying when alive? If it was a kick in the shins the answer is no more obvious!

Honestly it may be 13 years too late but it’s a policy we can support. Now clean the hospitals and stop letting patients die for the god of PFI.

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