Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Aug 09

The current vogue of being righteously upset at the events in Gaza is of course something I agree with. Nonetheless flying Palestinian flags and declaring Israeli free zones is bullshit. The tone is very much ego stroking. Oh this is so bad and I am so good. The mistake of the left though is to stroke the ego. To patronise people who talk of martyrs. If they really supported the people of Gaza there would be talk of ending the Egypt (Saudi’s proxy) and Israeli blockade which causes more lasting misery and reduces some to acts of futile resistance. The coherent message has to be end the blockade not anger and self preening.

The Gaza war for me is amazing for the openness that Israel has shown to journalists. The US/UK machine in Iraq targeted or appears to target reporters it does not like. There were no film as soldiers shot up the road and killed anything on it be it tank or family car with only implanted shills to report on it. No one was allowed to see enough of the murderous assault on Fallujah or the depleted uranium weapons or the cluster bombs or when Sunni factions were hired as death squads – sidebar they were betrayed and we’re now bombing our former death squads as ISIS and other banners. The media snopaked it. Ed Miliband does not get half the odium of Bibi Netanyahu say despite being a leading apparatchik of the vile Blair and Brown regimes who perpetrated those crimes.

Israel fans supply some pretty silly rhetoric of their own they started out saying they were better than Syria and Assad. Wow I’m better person than Jimmy Savile but I won’t be putting that on a T shirt any time soon. Then it was why should Israel be held up and pilloried and not Turkey which claims to also be a 1st world democracy? Let’s keep our standards low I guess.

However they had a point but of course the real parallel and the one most sane would agree with is that of the UK US and their campaigns of drones, death squads, torture, rendition and at times slaughter.  They could point out that the US recruits poor people to be soldiers with promises of lifelong health care and housing and free seats at baseball occasionally. Similarly Israel uses conscripts and thus these groups are hardly going to be civilian friendly – not that the UK’s professional army has not cost Millions because of its lack of control and brutality. The US also uses private contractors with immunity from any charges. War is not a good business. We’re not as bad as the US Army is what Israel could rightly say.

Thus when the glib liar Obama starts lecturing or the inane Kerry gets on his high horse I wonder what Netanyahu thinks? You hypercritical cunts? Not that he gets any sympathy from me having to deal with the glibster and his tall crony it is in some small way retribution although not nearly enough.

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Jul 26

You realise the success of the prevailing rhetoric about conspiracy theories a few weeks ago I heard the Israeli teenagers killed were killed by a group not under the command of Hamas or Fatah and  – which revisionists will now try to say had nothing to do with the Gaza invasion. Indeed Israel was told of the names of the likely killers by the Palestinian authority. As such an assault on Gaza is a bit like attacking Iraq after the Saudis attacked New York and no one would be stupid enough to do that. It only appeared in the wider media yesterday.

Yet push that view a few weeks ago and you are a conspiracy nut or anti Semitic.  Yet look at conspiracies that the NSA/GCHQ were spying on us denied by a mocking laughing glib Obama Administration head spokesperson Barack Obama. The last Labour Govt (hopefully at any rate) in the UK denied being involved in torture and rendition. The Obama Administration was elected to end torture now uses torture on hunger strikers – it was going to close Guantanamo as well. A senior Democrat was aghast when a journalist asked her about Two for Tuesday Pizza meetings where over pepperoni processed cheese tomatoes and a bread base no anchovies Obama and some friends get to play god and decide who to kill. Ok I exaggerate I have no idea if they detest anchovies although they seem like the kind of suited psychos who can’t love the anchovy.

Kennedy was killed by the lone gunman acting alone but that does not mean that everyone else who thinks that our leaders do bad things in pursuit of a neo Liberal agenda is mad. The rhetoric munchers are hard to beat but all they have is labels in the end. Remember they’re wrong or lying more than you are and you’re not in favour of violence or anti Semitic, unless you are of course.

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Jul 20

My point the other day explicitly is what is Israel’s motivation for a peace deal? Its enemies are ineffective but supply lovely lovely rhetoric and someone even if not Hamas or Fatah is bound to do something nasty to ‘justify’ killing lots of people and infrastructure. Their settlements grow unchecked and who with a brain thinks that everyone Israeli is moving back inside the walls at some future date or back to 1967’s borders? Isolation may not work but it’s at least not complicity with what is happening. Continue reading »

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Jul 13

It’s not to boil down something as tragic as the Israel death squadrons on Gaza  and the rockets fired back to a Monty Python sketch. It’s not intended to be a comedic. The small minority used to willfully stigmatise and allow the mass murder and destruction of a racial community is as old as humanity and there is no comedy in it.

The firing of rockets which have killed Israelis is ineffective and indeed given the way it will be covered Palestinians maybe should be grateful not to have more effective counter strikes. This kind of resistance is self defeating and feeds the rhetoric of weak venal men like Netanyahu and his ilk. It is a symbiotic relationship where Hamas get what they want martyrs and a captive population with nowhere else to turn. Fatah money and power over a trapped people and Israel gets to carry on stealing land and getting the unending stream of freshly printed dollars. The EU and others who pathetically give aid and build infrastructure for Israel to blow up each year should probably just stop or be accused of corruption for wasting aid.

The biggest threat to Israel is the world’s tolerance of US money printing. This is the reality not talk of martyrs and retribution or pleading to a press so corrupt in the West you get more truth in Haaretz than the BBC would allow. Point being whilst most westerners invested in this conflict are no fans of Israel appealing to our media is less effective than you think as this BBC snippet shows. Sure it says Israel killed someone but that he has a nice label.

Three Israelis have been killed by rocket-fire from Gaza, where 13 Palestinians have died in Israeli air strikes since it killed a Hamas chief on..

Or as The Clash chimed no doubt with the paid for by a regressive unfair tax BBC in mind

London calling, now don’t look to us
Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust

Memo to Palestinians looking to the BBC MSNBC etc 1 Jewish death is a tragedy with a name and face, 100s in rubble statistics. Sanctimonious lefties offering pity is not helping nor are rocket firing Berks. Nonetheless Israel’s agenda here is nothing to do with the criminal actions of some racist murderers which did not even happen in Gaza. To victimise 100s 1000s for the actions of a few is murder but don’t expect the news to tell us that – after  all the UK media treats someone who listens to phone messages as a pariah and the politicians who sanction war, torture, rendition and paedophiles as respectable.

Policy and response needs to be intelligent not fixations on martyrs whose claim to martyrdom is they got killed by bombs or as the BBC would say died peacefully at home from bombs exploding.

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Jul 21

A footnote to Samantha Power’s execrable nonsense to a committee is that as a result of what she said Venezuela has broken off ties to normalise relations. Other than for being a venal say anything all Power demonstrated was that America talks to itself and only itself. An easily understood orthodoxy is created and countries divided into good and bad – like a child might. Samantha Power diplomat, an oxy moron?

This of course has nothing to do with the size of the parasitic defense industry paying them off see below.


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Jun 04

With different emphasis I made a lot of the points that the US VP made. I am not going to get conspiratorial about why the VP makes the pro Israeli comments and “Miss Obama regrets…..” the loss of life for the umpteenth time.

However it is surely beyond disingenuous to say that people can hand reconstruction cargo to Israel and they will hand it over. They do not. They impose a slow schedule of inspection and will not allow much needed building materials through. So why lie? Why show contempt for people? You’d have to ask honest Joe. Indeed the President clearly has no authority over his own Veep as he has been mildly critical of the Israeli blockade for precisely that reason.

At least Biden’s had kids actually fight in this war. He was the one who said the surge in Afghanistan was BS. That building a first world democracy in Afghanistan was a dying fantasy. So why lie now?

The rest of Biden’s points are fair enough. After all if I have a beef with Israel or the UK/USA forces it’s the trigger happiness they use. Under almost no mortal threat they kill lots of people. In many ways for Cameron, Blair, Biden or Obama to condemn Israel for killing too many people would be hypocrisy beyond even my limits of tolerance.

Narrow way Joe’s other view of an investigation by the Israelis as more than a waste of money that would change no one’s mind was pure cretin speak. Does he think the average voter is that stupid or is he?

Biden was right in absolute terms what is the big deal here by recent UK/US standards a small death toll and again far more justified than a misplaced air strike in a 3rd party like Pakistan. Some justification for intercepting the ships. Some justification for the blockade. Some genuine in your faceness by the Flotilla. Some genuine violence by the flotilla to fight off ‘insurgent’ Israeli troops. Some genuine issues with organised criminal gangs in Gaza**.  All I can say again is a competent armed forces or one who cared for human life could have avoided at least 9 deaths – the fact the dead were all Turkish again says that they were careful.

For me it is this that grates. Why does he [Biden] need to lie through his teeth then? Is he exploiting that the US media keeps people separated from what the rest of the world thinks. If he says a load of lies the lobbies and parts of the Democrats coalition will be sated. If he says it then the rest of the world will not notice. Obama can regret his face off and then show another face to “Bibi”?

Maybe as with gerrymandering candidates the Democrats would learn to have the debate and not try to be all things to all people. One liners and rhetoric only work beyond elections if they have a consistent message to all people and some original thought before them.

I’d love to know if Netanyahu/Israel genuinely wants a Palestinian state or states around Israel or whether even if they were peaceful for 20 years he’d still want to cleanse the West Bank. It’s pretty clear Israel is not going back to ancient borders, right? It’s the lies and compromises that mean people say one thing and act another way and that causes more conflict than the truth. People work to an agenda no one wants – see Oslo or the laughable Road Map To Peace.

** OK I have to say sane humans working to the stated agenda of Israel and USA would not be here and they would not be here with a lot less dead people on all sides. Sometimes the logic of what Israel does is this it wants the current position a sort of status quo that suits it, amazingly. After all I doubt its death toll from these rockets comes close to even road kill for a small period of time – just as our expenditure in Afghanistan cannot be justified by a few deaths from terrorism given we could clean hospitals or better train doctors to save more. The appearance of the policy is that the leaders of Israel have a symbiotic relationship with the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah who keep benefiting from Israeli actions. I don’t believe this but it is a more logical position than that stated by Israel and apologists like Biden.

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Jun 01

People like to credit the Israelis with being very efficient whether it’s the Mossad or their armed forces or their airforce. Certainly relative to who they faced in the past in Egypt and Syria they may well be. However I think this is a position based ironically on racism and the supposition that Israeli = Jew.

Racism is really an expression of inferiority so most stereotypes try to juxtapose dark skinned people with athleticism not intelligence. Thus thinking sportsmen like Ledley King and Orlando Hudson are assumed to have the quality of speed they do not. Jewish people with conspiracy, usury and an association with getting on in life not on merit.

Israel uses excessive force is to me beyond question – no more than the USA. Its forces seem to act in the nastiest way fueling their hardest enemies and quieting moderate voices in those communities which seems self defeating long term. I suspect this is partly encouraged by the weak and venal politicians that sit at their head – people like Shimon Peres who is laughably called a man of peace and Benjamin Netanyahu. Almost all seem tainted by financial corruption in a way that would have them thrown out by a less frightened electorate. Yet these mercenary weaklings clearly do reflect a large strata of society as they and their ilk keep getting re-elected.

In the Lebanon  they terrorised the whole of a country that is at best a loose confederation. Victimising all for the actions of an uncontrollable sect. They destroyed vast amounts of infrastructure and did little damage to their alleged targets – indeed Hezbollah claimed a great victory and were strengthened whilst their local rivals put down. You could argue the policy was a success in keeping a Lebanon divided and broken for the forseeable future but economic progress there hardly made them more dangerous long term to Israel.

In Dubai to kill one eminently replaceable man they exposed 26 operatives and failed to make it look like a death from natural causes. Incompetence on a vast scale combined with the over kill – they should have just shot him it would have been easier. They also took for granted that the British and Germans etc would cry a few crocodile tears about fake passports and move on – correct on that one.

In Gaza last year why attack the UN? I guess why target the UN and Red Cross in Lebanon? I’d like to put it down to either incompetence or paranoia not blood lust as the starting point. The scale of the damage again bore no relation to what could possibly have been the scope of any mission bar to destroy and hamper as many people and lives as it could. Hamas was unaffected and now has relatively even more power in the region. Again they hit everyone bar their enemies from what one can tell from a distance.

Thus to intercept some ships with people who would be hostile to them they went in and at the first sign of trouble shot to kill – the ratio of wounded to dead makes any other suggestion hard to take. Even the British military after Bloody Sunday could turn up to a riot situation and only kill by means of Rubber Bullets. Again why such an over reaction? Why such contempt for human life? Why such poor planning if you did not mean to kill going in? Incompetence? Blood lust? Again they may not like these people but they were not their enemy. It is not beyond a half competent armed forces, one would like to think Israel sent their best, to take a ship of ‘activists’ –  civilians with no fighting experience – activists is like the insurgent label the US uses after butchering civilians.

As said yesterday the Israelis do have security concerns and whilst from our perspective they seem to take a sledge hammer to their house to kill a fly I think this stems from insecurity. Not wanting to appear weak in any way and a smattering of incompetence.  The only people who have been helped by their actions over the last 4 or 5 years are Hamas and Hezbollah.

Nonetheless I guess what did these civilians think Israel would do? Respond minimally? Avoid bloodshed as a first resort to any sort of resistance? Even I expected this. One should not make play of the International Waters rider for 2 reasons: we know where these ships were going: we know International Law is a load of shit anyway which is what the powerful pull on the weak but are never subject to. This is an atrocity but as I said we get monthly reminders of the UK’s depravity even if much of it is mostly carried out by our allies with our full support. To me this is in a legalistic way not necessarily murder albeit they probably did not have to shoot more than one person or indeed anyone lethally to put down these protesters.

I can’t say that Israel is not acting to some degree in its short term interests and it clearly views any attempt at compassion, understanding and thought as a sign of weakness. There are anti Semites out there but most people who detest Israel do so for its lack of humanity not the prevailing religion within whatever borders you like to acknowledge. After all some of the soldiers could easily have been Druze who make up 9% of the population and do serve (not sure if there is any restriction on where they serve mind).

Israel puts me in mind of the Monty Python sketch where Cleese gives a guy a Banana and says “Attack me with that banana” and when he does Cleese shoots him.  It acts provocatively to the Palestinians and their supporters and then shoots them.

And finally I just do not see what strategic aims showing you can be inhuman to an enemy that is grateful for that shows. Hamas, al Queda, Hezbollah and every loony fringe in the Islamic world must welcome the continued overkill from the USA/UK and Israel. At least Israel’s positions and actions have some root in genuine fear.

BTW I am assured that Israel will be cleared of all wrong doing in its upcoming internal inquiry however some procedures may change slightly.

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May 31

From Asim Qureshi Guardian 11th April 2010

Harold Koh, the legal adviser to the US state department, explained the justifications behind unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) when addressing the American Society of International Law’s annual meeting on 25 March 2010:

[I]t is the considered view of this administration … that targeting practices, including lethal operations conducted with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), comply with all applicable law, including the laws of war …

Basically it says the Obama Administration is not going to bother getting in trouble by arresting people into legal limbo but will merely murder them first by drone attack with all the attendant and absolute probability that that will kill civilians. Change has truly come to America.

On Sunday 31st August (I know cos my horse ran at Folkestone that day) The Sunday Telegraph ran a front page story how the SAS Snatch Squads had killed 100s on the streets of Baghdad – sadly the story got spiked from their web site no doubt because some people might consider killing people on the streets as Death Squad activity. The Telegraph pointed out that these missions took lawyers along so were not targeted murder and the aim was to arrest the people and it was just jolly bad luck hundreds died but luckily a helpful lawyer was there so it was legal.

So if you support the outgoing Labour Govt or the Obama administration please temper your sanctimony at Israel’s latest killing of people armed to the teeth with soft fruit and sticks against machine guns  it will make you a hypocrite.

Israeli soldiers are  blood thirsty but they are clearly no worse than their allies in the US and UK. At least Israel is sometimes defending its national interest and mostly thinks it is. Quite what the US and UK think they are achieving or doing besides murdering civilians is beyond me.

Finally on the war we have nearly finished if the Obama Administration can ever resist tinkering some more. Baghdad rated last in a list of cities by living standards. Some return for the Trillions spent.

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May 31

In the end you cannot force through public spending cuts on people having broken the rules yourself. You cannot force through higher taxes having broken the rules.

It does not matter that you could have legitimately claimed more within the rules. Or that you paid back everything claimed even though you were only breaking the rules for the last 2 years.

Sadly for all of us taxes and cuts are coming.

Weak people like the Labour Party leaders who have inflicted this on us will squeal crocodile tears for the poor into their chopped onion hankies. Ed Balls will try the child’s fantasy that the 6 Bn of cuts this year might be the cause of a double dip recession – the real truth is the cause is that the economy cannot structurally support any growth without incurring more debt thanks to 8 years of moronic economic management by Balls organ grinder the savant Brown.

The alternatives given a Marxist revolution looks a way off is that we become what Greece would if it were not a small country in the Euro – hint no one’s bailing out the UK. Already Danish companies are threatening not to supply vital drugs as they are a) owed money b) some clown thought he could reduce the price by 25% overnight without negotiating with the supplier. Think of that next time we refuse to pay for some supposedly vital new drug on the NHS! A poorer Britain unable to buy medicines that are proven and necessary to work!

Time for everyone to grow up. Instead the opposition on both wings will use the peccadilloes and mistakes of individuals to justify opposition to what is necessary.

I say don’t get angry at Laws, Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Cable, Clarke, et al blame Brown and the people who voted in enough numbers for a Labour Party to complicate parliament. A Labour Party complicit in a foreign policy that saw 15 more innocents slaughtered today – no doubt the Israelies as the UK/US coalition does will call them insurgents and terrorists with Obama’s private blessing but that is another blog.

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