Sep 23

The latest banker friendly wheeze to borrow even more from our future to try to reflate the holed bubble is this: let people gut their pensions to help their kids buy a house! This is stupid no not stupid but really bloody stupid on so many levels. In no particular order

  • Asset prices like house prices are a bubble being maintained by Govt policy of QE and artificially interest rates
  • Chief losers in all this are the pensioners whose return on savings, investments and pensions are almost nil and unless they’re particularly rich or middle class they really should be joining the Occupy movement.
  • More money into houses would further push up prices that are too high which is the issue.
  • This is mortgage interest tax relief by any other name as pensions are subsidised by the state – another back door subsidy to the financial goons.

The only people this helps short term are

  • Middle class kids who get a house they cannot afford at an unsustainable price so long term their parents money will go up in smoke
  • Bankers get more of the minute %tage of collateral they can call upon’s price upheld and it means more profit for them to deposit abroad.

Long term this policy is madness. Building houses is the answer and the answer to so much more. Even if the UK went bust if it built good quality houses and infrastructure it could bounce back.

Does Clegg see this? Is the banker’s son feathering his nest or just throwing simplistic rhetoric around without a clue?

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May 15

It seems the big US banks cannot get enough of losing money. That the money is delivered fresh and new and at the expense of savers and taxpayers through low interest rates and QE is unremarked by the mainstream and hence one assumes corrupt press.  Continue reading »

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Mar 03

I’ve no doubt that there are serious issues that will affect the lives of many in the Health Bill. Yet I can’t help feeling it’s more about the obfuscation of Westminster.  Continue reading »

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Feb 25

George Monbiot did it the other and said ‘The Tories’. A lot of people do it. Most of them well aware that Labour is not an alternative but a continuation with nicer rhetoric, less incompetence (although so incompetent I would not call it a strength) but a worse toy throwing that led to bank bailouts and QE that will blight our economy for at least 1 decade.

The left by use the term “The Tories” when everything from Schools, student fees to Health-care policy is a continuation of the anti intellectual meme Govt from 1997. It owes far more to Blair than Major. The anti Intellectual meme is deep into its 15th year. Arguably rather than the stealth bill year after year to meet the needs of rhetoric at least The Tories, oops, put on the table where they want to go. The Labour Govt wanted the same things but would not dare tell its supporters.

One can understand why people use language to unite the left many of whom labour under misapprehensions about Labour. However from the Poll Tax to Forestry it is not Labour who achieves anything in opposition – it’s not their aim. the Students who marched and got to hear a speech from the miserable Ed Miliband only for him to shaft them weeks later. Indeed with Labour volte-facing its economic policies their support can turn to opposition over night. It is better to make it clear in any demo or organisation to fight Govt to tell Labour fans they are welcome but they park their support for Labour at the door.

The correct nomenclature is “Parliament”, the Tories are not the issue.

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Jan 14

I personally am not that active more of an emailer and angry person. Nonetheless when I chat to people who do protest my message is always stark and clear: whatever you do make sure the Labour Party has no role and that its supporters know that they come as individuals.  Continue reading »

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Dec 01

I accept that 99% of the reason Britain is in a bad place is squarely on the shoulders of the last Government. Labour tried to buy votes. Indeed it tried to drive a divide between public sector workers and the rest of us. Continue reading »

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Oct 29

I sometimes wonder if the main difference between Labour and the Tories is their fan base. That arguing with Labour members is ridiculous as they support and espouse positions their leader’s actions counterfeit. Continue reading »

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Aug 20

David Cameron probably considers himself an intelligent person with values. He has tended to float without an anchor able to lead both Conservative Party and Coalition. He has at times shown magnificent ignorance and been prepared to accept the UK’s past as an imperial power whose malign influence lies behind many of the world’s problems. Continue reading »

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Jun 15

As with torture real depravity is not even bad compared to a footballer’s errant dick in popular culture. Thus in politics being indelicate is far worse than ordering multiple drone strikes knowing you will kill more civilians than any other group.  Continue reading »

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May 06

Labour and Conservatives have many more supporters with a my football team right or wrong school yard mentality than the Liberals. The big 2 have many more people who for historical reasons vote for them and thus they have a bedrock support of between 28 and 30%.  Continue reading »

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