Feb 06

Hopefully at least one achievement will come from 13 years of Blairist 3rd way and Brown reaction and self aggrandisement the end of large scale troubles and unrest in Northern Ireland.

From the 9th Feb any weapons found will be subject to forensic examination. There will be no amnesty for past crimes. The UDA and INLA have bowed to that fact in the last week or so and de-commissioned. In many respects this is more important than the impotent squabbling of the DUP (or amazingly who John Terry slept with). After all without men with guns their objections carry less weight and they have to grow up as their leverage is reducing whether they force the British to run Ulster or not.

No matter how reluctantly they [INLA, DUP, UDA] did it they are bowing to what thus seems an inevitable.

Some good news.

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Jan 25

When the Transport For London (TFL) management agreed to all Bob Crow’s conditions to prevent a strike the weak man of trade unionism nearly broke. Relying on the fear and mistrust of the membership and painfully aware of his own position decided to ask TFL to settle a couple of personal and confidential disciplinary matters on top! Or else. Of course TFL could not do that and the strike went ahead with no goal or reason bar making sure Crow was never seen to agree to anything.

Weak people concious of their own position really struggle when you agree with them as they are not prepared for that eventuality. Crow’s position was laughable. We won’t strike provided you continue to employ drivers who are  a mortal danger to passengers. It would only make sense from the perspective of the fearful TFL workers – see Alan Johnson on Terrorism and Drugs for a parallel in pathetic weakness, fear mongering and a lack of any genuine hint of leadership.

Peter Robinson’s DUP’s surpassed the UUP by pretending they would not negotiate  or agree to sit with Sinn Fein. Of course they did as no one can just say no forever. However with the deal on the table to reconstitute the RUC, the discredited sectarian police force with strong links to the loyalist para militarises Robinson will not sign – despite de facto having agreed to this 3 years ago.

Additionally he does the Crow thing and brings up the risible need for the Protestant Orange movement to rub in the 1688 removal of the Catholic James II by William of Orange by walking through Catholic council estates showing banners and other symbols of their bigotry. This would be somehow be achieved by removing the Parades’ Commission – yes the Republican community and a sane police force would would just allow them to without an independent commission! It’s a moronic position frankly.

Like Crow in his personal fiefdom Robinson probably feels his position is unassailable if he never agrees to anything. It certainly must have been very profitable for the cuckold and his wife to be both MP and MLA claiming all those allowances and salaries. A position given Iris Robinson’s unsuitability due to her bigotry, outright hypocrisy, greed, lack of judgement and obvious use of graft that shows them as a less than democratic party – can he claim he had no idea after 40 years of marriage what she was? Exhorting money from developers for toy-boys but unable to agree to a Police force which could be supported by sane elements in both communities.

Peter Robinson is clearly a weak man and it is sad that his community seem happy with his leadership or the lack thereof. David Trimble and his party took the hit for the 1997 agreement but at least sane people can recognise his leadership and strength of character. Robinson lacks an ounce of any moral fibre. His mealy mouthed invocations of God another example of his denial of any personal purpose or responsibility. I pity the Unionist community if this is the kind of weakling they feel should lead them.

Ulster still says No! But with a 2nd income (4th in the case of the Robinsons) to back up that position courtesy of Stormont’s dead locked parliament.

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Jan 11

Leaving aside pointless crap about whether or whether or not Iris Robinson: broke parliamentary rules: why she would need piffling sums of money: the rights and wrongs of a 59 year consuming a 19 year old stud (go for it girl I say): what Peter Robinson did or did not know: whether the money was a pay off for something else: or anything else one can think of.

The clear and obvious question is what was she doing as a MP and MLA? Are the DUP so short of people they elect the Deputy Leader’s wife? If this was some African country we’d get some knowing comments about nepotism. Her bigoted views should surely have discounted her from any such position?

Whatever the rights and wrongs the DUP have only themselves to blame for putting a bigot in such a position where she could do them harm.

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