Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one? Continue reading »

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Jan 03

If the coalition works out the Liberal Democrats are in danger of not cashing in. They will be tarred with the perceived bad by a left who can somehow find morality whilst supporting Labour. They will get no credit for the stuff some whingers are so busy to flag they are not happy with. The fact is unless the economy tanks, in which case no one will do well, the majority will likely feel safer and more secure if not better off in a few years. Thus either way distancing themselves from Osborne is a mistake. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

The self righteous Harriet Harman was thoroughly exposed yesterday. As she clapped Ed Miliband’s denunciation of the Iraq war David Miliband reminded her she supported it. Now it seems she just supports Ed. Whoever is Leader. My Party right or wrong.

This on the day it turns out despite the incompetence, their claim not mine, of MI5 and MI6 it turns out Blair knew the US was torturing and knew it was wrong. He told them but continued his enthusiastic support and even dictated the timing of rendering people to Guantanamo. It does seem that Labour is a chain of obsequiousness with the US President at the top and then the Labour leader and then the serfs. It’s a cult more than a serious thinking political party who allow decisions from the top to hold no matter who agrees with them. That is at least the lesson of Blair and Harman.

My only thought was maybe Noel Edmonds Hit Squad could create a premise where Labour and the BNP merged and see if Harman clapped loudly at a Nick Griffin speech. I guess with cyphers like her Ed Miliband will not have much to worry about internally.

And finally on Harman I used to think she must be doing something right to be hated by the Daily Mail. Now I realise now mine enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my Friend albeit if I was leader of the Labour Party she would be no matter what I said.

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May 12

One of the oddities of a the Lib Con coalition is that it will have both a right and a so called left wing against the policies of the Govt. It also even allowing for Ulster’s support does not have a huge majority.

An argument being made by nay sayers, who are guessing, is that the activists of both parties will not wear it for long. I put the following  to someone who still supported Labour about how the activists and Trade Unionists of 1997 felt about the following Labour policies:-

  • 90 day detention and internment. A flagship policy trumpted as a triumph for democracy by both Blair and Brown.
  • Detention of young children of Asylum seekers.
  • Putting Britain at the fore front of the Globalisation movement to have our workers compete at home and abroad with low wage economies.
  • Actively helping and facilitating the US policy of rendition.
  • Knowingly receiving intelligence based on Torture
  • Going to war without the Geneva convention on our allies side.
  • Being part of a war where depleted uranium and cluster bombs were used.
  • War in Iraq. I doubt Labour activists would have considered Afghanistan  beyond 2003 as a worthwhile cause if ever given most opposed the righteous Kuwait re-capture.
  • Bailing out the banks and then letting the sponging bastards have huge bonuses. Socialism in action?
  • Applauding judges for stopping strikes.
  • Foundation hospitals, Polyclinics.
  • PFI handing more money to Brown’s rich friends in the city.
  • In 1997 they would have assumed that hospitals would be cleaned and the MRSA C-Diff murder by indifference would not have continued for years after. They were wrong but administrators and bureaucrats in the health service earn as much as 50 cleaners so be proud of ‘Your Labour’.
  • Bank of England independence probably would not have got their vote in 1997.
  • Cheer-leading for Business leaders like Willie Walsh making a point and trying to break the Unite union.
  • The re-reclassification of marijuana. The left may be against most personal freedoms but they do not live on beer alone.
  • CCTV everywhere.
  • Powers to stop and search people without reason – even Arizona has not gone that far
  • Lecturing people for their eating and drinking habits.
  • Support for Israel almost no matter what it does – a few weasel words maybe but nothing more.
  • Groveling before China’s authoritarian Govt – Brown’s ideal by some accounts
  • Religious schools
  • Sending asylum seekers back to Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe and other hell holes.
  • Locking up children of asylum seekers.
  • Forcing Single Mums back to work – Portillo suggested it and they burned effigies Brown and they suggest people hate him because he’s not photogenic.

I’ll be adding to this list as things occur to me but the point is that activists views never count. Much of the above I find so bad that I view a vote for Labour as little better than the BNP. The BNP would counter they have not yet abused human rights as much as Labour has done even if only by de facto support and tolerance of the US doing things.

Activists and sanctimonious self important morons may bring down the coalition. However as we see with Labour activists move with the party and see power as the only goal in reality – they are fans basically and a bit like the Green and Gold at Old Trafford their protests do not stop them handing over money and being fanatical at all costs whereas the players change colour as suits their personal ambition.

I do not take activists seriously.

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Nov 06

Now every one who does not make their claim for asylum on arrival is apparently being sent to Croydon to register.

I think that should end any bogus claims and a few valid ones to boot.

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