Jan 11

On the one hand we have vile murderers who die for a cause so base and ridiculous at the same time it defies sane analysis. On the other the lives of a bit more than a dozen westerners are placed above the continuing butchery the Islamic nuts perpetrate in the Middle East many in their own country among their neighbours.

UK/US seek to censor and create a surveillance state of good manners yet will not ring up the Saudis and tell them to stop distributing and  funding the ‘intellectual’ underpinning of this nihilistic Terrorism. Indeed the UK Govt is likely to ring up the sponsors of the Paris massacre and try to sell them arms. 2 years ago he, accepted only taking orders from his organ grinder in Washington, UK Govt begged Parliament to bomb Assad in support of his enemies which turned out to be Islamic State and al Queada – the US did claim to bomb a group that did not exist “The Khorasan Group” one assumes to obfuscate this fact. Indeed Israel to no odium bombed the Assad regime the other week to show that all this posturing and pretense that we think these groups the worst of the worst is poppycock.

One can argue the West stoked conflict in Syria and is prolonging it at the expense of 10,000s of lives with no improvement in liberty and freedom likely whichever side won – see Libya. What is the moral difference then between our leaders and the rancid scum who shoot cartoonists? That they do their killing in person not with indiscriminate drone attacks? No, as their attacks are not based on anything either and are purposefully done to no end bar fear and publicity. When you kill people over cartoons and their religion you’re no better than the Obama Administration killing someone because his meta data crops up in the wrong place.

I’d support action to tackle these terrorists wholeheartedly and am left to wonder why the UK/US seems intent on fighting people who want to cut fossil fuel usage instead.

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Jan 02

In a game of hideous nausea apparently the person who reported a former gameshow contestant to the Scottish Police was not the troll’s agent nor the media but 12,000 petition signing morons. There is no way to dress this up the increasing calls and use of the Police led not by right wing nuts but moronic progressives is frightening. As crime keeps dropping the police should be made redundant not investigating insults from known trolls. The motivation of those who complained is unclear. Surely the oxygen of publicity is in effect an endorsement of the troll?

All I can say is that the 12,000 should be jailed for wasting Police Time. That over reaction at least is based on people who committed a crime not the troll.

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Dec 07

A lot of people who witter about free market economics are hypocrites who support big corporations. Indeed the UK Govt which has on both sides of the house preached a ‘market’ line for 25 years now is happy to subsidise foreign owned corporates to run the NHS, Utilities and Nuclear Power Stations. In the US we see businesses like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Verizon and Apple happily act as agencies of Govt. Boeing Lockheed Martin Booz Allen etc also. There is no difference between a private sector agency or monopoly able to write its own cheques than a Govt one.

Except even in this neo Liberal world some form of democratic control is available to the people however improperly done. Or at least the opportunity is there. All that outsourcing does is make change harder. Take the Germans who after Fukushima moved away from nuclear power only to be sued by an outsourced nuclear industry. In the UK it’s hard to believe the Govt funded Shale Gas industry would even bother but for funding and being allowed to dump infrastructure costs on the populace. It’s hard to believe any Govt agency suffering from minimal electoral reality would conduct such an open fraud in its own name. The magic panacea of saying it’s private investment no matter how little truth in that excuses Govt and delays corrective action.

The State’s power is rising and it will continue to rise and centralise regardless of how outsourced the state is. Clearly all that changes is the cash amounts in Ministers back pockets and jobs on leaving Govt. The concentration of wealth and power and the desire of the wealthy for a stable rentier income is the issue whatever size state you believe in.

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Sep 21

It’s really lucky that the UK Parliament has Rory Stewart as Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to point out bombing Islamic State is a complete waste of time and resources. He can tell Cameron and Cameron can tell that nice chap Obama and job done. After all Cam’ and O’ laughing and joking and being good fellas to down a few with and can leave serious stuff like thinking to the likes of Stewart. Also Cammy and Oey could just ring our allies Qatar, Saudi and Turkey and tell them to stop fucking helping Islamic State if it actually mattered to them. It really is that simple.

Of course who can blame the Obama Administration the Democratic Party might lose Senate seats and State Houses if it challenged the moronic wisdom of the narrative it has created to drone people for no reason. They can hardly say look we’ve been lying for 6 years and actually the truth is we killed lots of people because of PR.

Then again O’ could just flippantly say “We murdered some Folks”.

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Sep 14

The recent ranting response to 1 Independence poll and the emergence of Islamic State has shown how this political class with no background outside the Ivy League/Oxbridge and politics cocooned with Polls and hawkish state security types cannot work anything out for themselves.

The first sign of a Yes vote and lily-livered say anything buffoons promised Devo Max. Labour is prepared to kiss democracy goodbye to retain Scotland not because is best for Scots or UK but best for Labour. Devolution is utterly undemocratic as no solution to the West Lothian question has been found. To propose more is ridiculous. Logically with no independence it should be reined in.

The Islamic State response as another bunch of Saudi thugs tries to grab power is the Elephants running from the mouse. Bombing is mostly pointless and like drone strikes exist so a weak leader can claim he is doing something about a problem his administration created.

Obama will get a library and be on chat shows and continue to be patronised like a 5 year old who can recite a sonnet. 200,000 Syrians are not so lucky in a civil war stoked for nothing than some bullshit about who is and is not a friend of Saudi. Sadly we can mock the absurd weakness of our leaders but other countries pay rather more dearly when we support nutters like Islamic State for tactical reasons.

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Jun 22

It’s odd that people in the UK expect BBC to not represent the establishment and power any less than corporate owned media. BBC State Media in the UK positively refuses to cover Israel and does not allow anyone to mention it. Yet the left were all whining that 50,000 people marching on Parliament in support of the NHS somehow should have been on the news.

Where could they fit it in? We had the Muslim fighting in Syria scare story. The exaggerate the threat of ISIS (number 3000 to 5000 people). After the Muslim scare stories the sad death of Gerry Conlan which was actually news. Then of course the pitiable apology of Wayne Rooney when as we know guilt and apologising is the penance of people who will repeat behaviour – see the habitually late, of course habitually late who don’t apologise or change are probably sociopaths! No room at the Inn.

Its interviewers ask difficult but irrelevant questions of politicians – seriously ask a Lib Dem what they can do polling at 8% when we all know the answer and whatever the answer Ming the Tendentious gives is irrelevant to us. Ask him about why we are pretending at austerity whilst the deficit is 80 Bn with continual cuts to the tiny Jobseekers Allowance (5Bn a year) and the Bank subsidies at 40 Bn a year?

BBC is as much state media as TASS. As morally ridiculous as CNN or FOX or MSNBC and as patronising as the latter. You wonder if marches are only covered when under cover police officers start a riot to discredit them.

Worst part of it the poor are taxed equally as the rich to have this racist state propaganda pumped into their living rooms.

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Jun 22

Britain has a proud history of mercenaries working for despots and vile regimes over seeing torture. Britain is a centre of excellence for death squad training thanks to our vaunted SAS. It also trained the Khmer Rouge for Thatcher’s  ‘friend’ Pol Pot. It has aided William J Hague’s friend (literally judged on their White House style media jokeathon) Musa Kusa. Yet some Muslims go abroad to fight for a cause they believe in and it’s front page news. Apparently ‘THEY’ might come back here and do something really nasty.

Sick turds from TV news even dragged the father of one of the kids into this. Let’s get this straight many of us are radical in our 20s and it’s a good thing. Mostly it goes nowhere. Our over inflated sense of our ability to drive at all ages but especially 18 has killed far more people than Muslim terrorists.

Again the media as with their obsessing  over serial killers are, if there is a rational motive, investing in the next terrorist. If they are not trying to induce terrorism then why pick on Muslims? Does this sell papers and if it does what does that say about the conceit that the British are not racist? No good answers there.

Muslims are not your enemy they’re just painted as such.

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May 18

The media concentration on Farage this week at the expense of any other alternatives to the Big 3 is the classic case of Middle Class media working on the conceit, cynically held or otherwise, that our political establishment is axiomatically virtuous and motivated by goodness. It’s a conceit shared by members and fans of the big 3 too. Now I don’t particularly want to find out what a UKIP Govt would do but do we really have to have every loony UKIP candidate quoted and Farage asked about them? Why not ask about their laughable policies?

Does anyone ever question Miliband about the crimes of Labour members? The incompetence of PFI? War crimes? These were actual atrocities done by his members and indeed close colleagues and brother. In reality UKIP is being blown up as it is the acceptable opposition. The Greens threaten vested interests and the Left is a rump and clearly not an acceptable alternative.

The point being power is no longer held to account and UKIP is far more acceptable than genuine change in the economy to the powers that be. That asking Farage about the statement of an idiot Councillor or Clegg about how much Rennard may have groped Liberal members is acceptable media but not questioning why Asset prices are being boosted at the expense of a growing economy and widening poverty. Never mind why we thought torture or mass surveillance is acceptable.

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May 17

This is anti Labour, Tory, Liberal, UKIP and BNP. As little as I like to tell people how to vote I am suggesting people not vote for the parties listed there. It almost does not matter what you vote but Green or TUSC would be strong recommendations. You don’t have to fully agree with them. However whilst it’s easy to openly disagree with UKIP and BNP you I would bet 90% don’t want the world the other 3 are peddling.

The truth is the 3 main parties all follow the creed of Neo Liberalism. Sure Miliband will offer a few populist pebbles like freezing prices or intervening in a mega merger but they all stand for the same thing. Monetisation. There was a recent story where a narcissistic Billionaire (is there any other type?) bought a beach and then hired armed gangs to keep people off it. Now he is not monetizing his beach and indeed what he did is worse. Nonetheless expect to pay for Beaches. Similarly want Libraries or Parks and Recs forgetaboutit. Almost everything you do will cost. The state in the UK is already doing this with Hospital Parking, Hospital phonecalls and even the Hospital cafe is no longer geriatrics with tea in stainless steel pots and home made cakes. Banks increasingly do this to the poorest Americans too.

This is what Labour, Liberal and Tory stand for. They don’t deny it as the fact all 3 have been complicit in it shows. These parties basically work for the established wealth and want to create a zombie, joy-less economy where everything has a price like they do. The end result will be a considerably poorer middle class – who seem to be dancing at their own funeral. If their house price has gone up fine but they have to live somewhere and if you sell the house your income is what at 0% interest rates?

If you choose to believe your salt brand is different I refer you to the headline.

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Apr 27

We accept a lot of stuff at work and we get along with people whose views we often find offensive. We don’t proudly broadcast it but we do take it. It was with this in mind I approached the story of the previously known to be racist LA Clippers owner objecting to Black people in a “girlfriend”‘s instagram page and black people in general in a recorded phone call. Apparently the Clippers players are ‘shocked shocked’ to find a known racist has said some racist things. Former Commissioner David Stern is equally ‘shocked shocked’. Indeed like Captain Renaud they will still take the Green from what has apparently shocked them.

In the end the story is less about racism than about the fact that like Gerald Ratner making a piss poor joke many times it only needs 1 act to get the right publicity and everyone scurries for cover. The Clippers owner ridiculously says he’s not a racist, the players are shocked and want action, the Commish will sit down with his flunkies and lawyers and try to work out how to look good. The media will don po face and make out this is worse than killing people with drones for a point in the polls.

In the UK too racism is far more prevalent than is supposed – our conceit bordering on hysterical when UKIP have 30 points even in a protest vote. Sure people say the right things in public but ironically what the Clippers’ thing shows is that in private many have different standards and people put up with that far more than their sanctimony would show.

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