Jul 10

I wish there was a big scandal about GCHQ info stealing but unlike the US we have even more reporting restrictions. We are the last to know. This does not mean the US public is better informed directly. After all the newspapers and principally New York Times and Washington Post have published biblical amounts of smear and innuendo at the NSA messengers. MSNBC is a wing of the Democratic Party by some accounts.

However the continual use of generalised smear does affect the consciousness of the masses. This leads to reactionary bigoted Govt who ignores facts to please ignorant voters on a few issues pushed by a lunatic fringe in the media. Thus the UK populace assumes that 31% of the population are immigrants! Or that unemployment benefit is more than pensions when next door to it it’s a drop in the ocean.

At least the US allows some discussion of the things voting has no effect on like spying on your own population and an authoritarian state. The British have effectively labeled all dissent as loony. Thus the US has a chance to reverse the perverse world the NSA and co would create.

Read the Times and you learn nothing read the risible Washington Post and at least you know what is not true. Read the Guardian and you’ll learn about the US but they are subject to a ‘D’ Notice here.

Politicians and Newspapers espousing Freedom don’t mean it. They work for each other not you.

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Feb 02

The insects who inhabit the MOD and have drawn a nice retirement from the either incompetence or more likely the graft of MOD procurement want more. They and the parasitic BAe Systems who waste Billions every year to poorly equip troops have no shame. Like Labour’s class the Health Trust Managers who drove down costs as people died the elite clearly think the rest of our lives are worthless compared to their own.

Quite why we should consider increasing a defence budget that has been so incompetently handled is a bit like the banks and health authorities until we start seeing some people in jail it will not improve.

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Mar 06

It’s a sad fact but the UK’s export led recovery seems to be based on selling the domestic arms industry that so ill equips UK troops. Despite its complicity in the vast over spends and dreadful equipping of our soldiers by corrupting the senior officers of the MOD it has no shame. Continue reading »

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Apr 05

Apparently senior officers in the army are blaming what the Indie calls the “Diana Syndrome” for a lack of support for the Afghanistan campaign.

I would argue the opposite that the focus on casualties such as reading names of the dead at PMQs, death marches through Wootton Bassett and the furore about the comments of Muslim clowns (who must work for MI5!) is obfuscation for the continuing conflict. The army should aim their fire on the 3 leading political parties who cannot justify this war bar with ludicrous platitudes like “it’s protecting us in the UK”. If the political leaders in the UK cannot explain it with an argument that makes sense to anyone informed why should we support this conflict.

Really this war is a outlet for the US and one gets the impression that even the Obama Administration would not have nailed itself to if they had the time again. A justification of the events of 9 years ago will not wash. We would not accept that off Serbians or Rwandans so please spare us. The link with Afghanistan of 9-11 is pretty spurious anyway and frankly we’d be in a better position then and now if sense and a rational assessment of what happened had taken place. Nonetheless one would be hard pushed to tell an emasculated giant not to strike out mindlessly but come boys it’s 8.5 years on. At least the Bush Administration had the good sense to gradually down grade this conflict rather than be seen to be tied to the Karzai regime.

The fact is even after their distasteful depravity in Iraq with prisoners we mostly tend to support the troops.  We do not hold them to blame for the war. We support charities that support them. We will support their families without much objection. We think their lives are being wasted.We are grateful for their sacrifice.

I would argue we support the troops far more than most. Better than the MOD with it’s wastage of the money that could have provided enough and better equipment. Better than the main political parties who cannot even make a coherent argument for this conflict. Better than MI6 with Sir John Scarlett’s ilk. Better than MI5 which does not even read US press releases saying “we are going to use torture”. Better than the national newspapers who make no coherent arguments for this conflict. Better than the armed forces’ heads who having presided over a procurement farce now and want to be politicians and blame the Govt for their follies. Better than the Karzai Govt which glories in insulting the efforts of our troops to make them rich. Better than the Afghan army of drug addled cowards.

Personally I think this conflict is pointless and as proof I ask how long would we stay protecting the streets of the UK in Afghanistan if the US pulled out?

Answers in nano seconds please anything else will not be taken seriously.

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Feb 15

Given what goes on in war if you are in charge of people who are holding and interrogating people you would expect that your first priority would be to ensure that those men did not abuse those held. Especially if you claim not to want abuse to happen. It would be an abject failure to not recognise what quite naturally happens when one human is given control over other humans.

Yet take the case of Colonel Jorge Mendonca. His reaction to his unit’s depravity leading to large payments for mistreatment is the following:-

Whilst what you have shown to me [during the inquiry] is shocking and disappointing and a deeply embarrassing situation, it is not representative of the 1 QLR on that operation. It is a slice of what went on clearly, but it is not representative of the whole battalion.

Given how little he knew and what the BBC report how can he be sure it was not representative?

His officers may have kept him “out of the loop” because of his “reputation for doing things properly”, he said.

To date the only person convicted by a Court Martial of anything pleaded guilty. No one else has been convicted yet we felt compelled to pay out the thick end of £3 million. That is absurd. Why payout?

Incompetence of intelligence, command, procurement and leadership are all cited by the Govt for the failure of the Iraq mission. No one did anything wrong everyone just misunderstood and failed to correct others misunderstandings.

Britain must be a laughing stock in the world – at least the world who can see beyond our warring brutality. Our troops have padded Land Rovers, our police kill innocents, our Intelligence services know less than newspaper readers, we aid Rendition but assume the bound and gagged guy on the CIA plane was a pervert, we have helicopters in hangers for 8 years then say we do not have enough of them, the MOD wastes Billions and yet complains Govt does not give it enough etc etc. Maybe in the end the UK’s Govt, Forces, Police and Intelligence Services are merely incompetent. If I was educated I’d say Occam’s Razor somewhere in there as you cannot accuse such people of conspiracy as they just are not up to it – simplest explanation is incompetence on a mass scale.

Personally I’d prefer our leaders were replaced by competent people who occasionally outright lied.

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Nov 06

I would normally rather undergo surgery on my personal parts without anaesthetic than defend Brown. However something has to be said about all the ex-Generals and heads of the army whining about the Govt.

The fact is enough has been spent on defense over the years for the weaknesses of supply to have been a non event. The problem has been that Billions are wasted every year on over specified pet projects that are poorly specified, have scope creep, aimed at outdated strategic needs or were never a credible use of resources. That the Generals and MOD in charge of a huge budget would try to throw all the blame at the current placeholders in Govt after decades of their unchecked incompetence is bizarre.

If the Tories or anyone wants to use these serial clowns as experts then ask them to explain the billions in waste and wasted lives of their troops as a result. Is it any wonder our American allies laugh at our armed forces leadership and the preposterous claims? No one doubts the troops on the grounds just the officer class above them.

We can blame Brown, Cameron and Clegg for their support for a war without any rhyme or reason. It’s almost laughable were it not tragic that these 3 twerps continue to support a war without a strategy and defined goals. They wait for the ‘peace mongering’ Obama to come up with said strategy and goals.

As to procurement the Generals are passing the buck. One can only assume some of them have personally profited such is the scale of incompetence that we’d all rather they were corrupt leading a war than mere buffoons – cynics would say they are corrupt buffoons.

The most contemptible crime of Brown is to use the start of Prime Minister’s Questions to supposedly honour the troops by announcing names and numbers of the dead. This merely stifles any debate as even I would not dishonour the brave dead troops by suggesting 2 minutes after honouring them that their mission was a waste of time. I have no idea if he does this deliberately but it does not matter if he is willfully or accidentally doing it.

Things the Prime Minister will not say on Afghanistan. What the goals are? What the strategy which he keeps saying he supports actually is? As these are out of his hands and he has no idea what they are or will be next week or were last week.

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