Jun 29

In an echo of a speech a few years ago by Hillary Clinton Barack Obama said China was only after African resources.

Why would he just make such an obvious ironic in a stupid sense speech. Since Leopold II the West has used Africa. Killing and encouraging the killing of 10s of millions. Or maybe he was just lying to the American people and knew every African who heard it was running to the bathroom to Barf. Keeping the allusion of US goodness and generosity.

Or maybe he really believes it?

You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht
Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf it was apricot
You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte
And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner
They’d be your partner, and…

You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you? Don’t You?

Given his fetish for threatening people with 30 years in prison for just raising concerns it’s probably right he does not meet former South African President Mandela. In fact it might be considered an insult if he did.

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Jan 20

Apparently we’ll be fighting in North Africa for decades to prevent terrorism that has not killed anyone in 7 years in the mainland of Britain. Indeed whether Islamic terrorism has killed anyone in the prior 20 years to 7/7 is a question.

3 ex-pats who chose to live and work in a dangerous country have been killed. No doubt they will be named and eulogised unlike the more than 3 people who probably died to today from Superbugs, PFI cost cutting and not counting the suicides caused by the economic downturn. Continue reading »

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Jan 14

So it seems another set of Islamacists need stopping and France and Britain are in like Flynn. There is the usual background rhetoric about terrorism even though in the last 20 years I doubt deaths due to Islamic terrorism in the UK are higher than a year’s supply of unnecessary deaths in many NHS Health Authorities.

Of course this is pap as terrorists can train anywhere. The Saudis who committed 9-11 learned to fly in Western countries. The 7-7 bombers a bunch of stupid people educated by Labour’s multiculturalism in the north. It’s beyond asinine to say this or any other invasion has anything to do with Terrorism.

France who played an active part in the murder of 800,000 people in Rwanda is now self elected moral vanguard against Islamacists? Britain who aided Gaddafi’s torture program then turned on him to cover it up says they’re immoral? Britain who staunchly defends Bahrain and Kuwait as they oppress their people. Britain who was content to take part in a war with no regard for the people they were liberating. Britain currently paying out 100s of torture claims and trying to introduce secret courts to cover up its contempt for liberty. You’d have to be as thick as a brick to believe this is anything but an imperialist resource grab by 2 unpopular Govts – Gold and Uranium I am led to believe.

The West might like to consider that supporting poverty, commodity price fixing, brutal despots and corrupt mannequins is why people turn to the Islamacists. The USA has bases in 175 countries and the British have invaded all but 22 countries in the world (Mali is in that 22!) – France probably invaded the rest as it includes Mali, Andorra, Luxembourg, CAR & CHAD).

Do the Math this has nothing to do with Terrorism or the local populaces own good.

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Aug 17

Is the murder of striking South African workers by the state any less vile because the Govt does not officially follow a racist creed like Apartheid?

The fact is the biggest problems facing the 99.9% of us are the other 0.1% whatever their or our race, creed or colour. Whether it’s P W Botha or Jacob Zuma who are ultimately responsible murder is still murder and the real crime racially aggravated or not.

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Dec 14

We may not get even a meaningless climate change agreement but in true G20 G8 fashion the Danish police at least got to show they are up with The Met in London or even the fascist loving Genoa Police. It’s almost as though the defining principal is whenever there is a meeting of world leaders each country shows off how brutal and nasty and repressive their Govt can be. Tolerance is for wimps. Freedom and Democracy an illusion.

I’d like to think we ever had a modicum of freedom to protest but it’s clear in the UK since the police became a branch of the Govt during the Miners Strike that the ability to disrupt and marginalise protest has been fine tuned over the years. Even when the controlled oppression breaks down and a police man beats a man to death during the G20 in London we can rest assured he will not serve any more days in prison than the man who pumped 7 shots into the head of a Brazilian Electrician not in a position to chew gum never mind detonate a bomb he clearly did not have.

As to climate change we have a pool of money promised (but not/never deposited) as guilt money for destroyed lives in the 3rd world – a double dip recession should see off this promise BTW. The message to the poor countries is you can have miserable lives waiting for grain trucks from us and we can feel benevolent and good about our charity. This is sort of a definition of Brownian good. Massive payments to 3rd world leaders will kill the local economy and create a patronage class destroying their economic activity shows the speciousness of calling this a marketing solution.

In terms of a climate change deal not happening the problem is this the 3rd world wants 400 Bn a year (not the trivial sums promised) and the West does not want to pay. No one seems to want serious and real cuts in emissions. The fact is paying leaders of third world countries so much money will lead to: the death of those economies as productive entities or the possibility they could ever become so – it’s a market distortion of unimaginable proportions: increased wealth disparity in that country as in all situations where a King figure has patronage: more starving people impoverished people waiting for hand outs: Increased state authoritarianism. It’s just like paying a country for natural resources it so distorts the economy these countries become centralised and wasteful. If this offsetting is a market solution it’s a lousy one. Indeed this solution may be worse to the working classes in many of those countries than the Climate Change itself.

The West are essentially hoping to do nothing and that technology comes to their aid even as they agree trivial cuts in future emissions on the never never. The amounts so far promised shown up as worthless by the knowledge the US gave Pakistan $10 Bn to fight its Taliban! Never mind the Billions every year it pours down toilets to keep achieving next to nothing in Iraq, Afghanistan and places like Columbia in the vapid War on Drugs.

A market correction the West could do by itself  is a Carbon Tax on consumption which is actually a much more market based solution as it is the consumption in the West that is by and large not reflecting the full cost of that consumption on the planet. What is proposed would so distort the economics of poor countries to turn them into almost pre-feudal states that will never develop. It seems the US’s hatred of taxes based on a faux understanding of it’s own history is the tail wagging the dog.

You cannot buy your way out of this problem as giving countries money not to emit will merely fund consumption and distort 3rd world markets. It’s unclear knowing how the world works it will ever bring about a reduction in emissions either. Plus where will the West raise the tax money from?

Better to use tax to reduce our consumption of non essentials? Accepting we are happy for our poor to afford transport, heating, lighting and cooking.

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Dec 12

How much politics was Darling playing with the Windfall Tax on bankers? Brown showing off his goodness pledged £1.5 Billion, 3 windfalls, to help Africa cope with climate change. In return 26 other EU countries pledged £5.5 Billion. The usual reservations apply, some/much will be spent with UK companies to supply things Africa does not need. However being Brits we’ll actually spend a Bill of the Bill and a Half. The other thing we know it will be a good day if 10% of the rest pledged arrives.

The other side of this is that aid pledged and real genuine aid going to feed, clothe and develop infrastructure to give people better lives now and tomorrow are two different things. African society managed to survive and prosper for centuries before ours. Its modern problems are exacerbated if not caused by the West drawing lines on a map, supplying weapons and the creation of centralised Govts based on those lines on maps – we blame Africa for corrupt Africans and not ourselves for paying them off?

The real solution to Africa’s problems with climate change is not £7 Bn in assuagement but to drastically cut our emissions. It’s like Christmas spending money may allow Brown to lie to himself  about what a good moral man he is but money never beats a thoughtful present?

Brown’s petty vanity is on display for all to see. Seemingly he spent 11 years dreaming of being leader not with any ideas or desire to change anything but merely to self aggrandise on the world stage.

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