Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Apr 03

One of the more idiotic debates around the Snowden files was the neo Con/Liberal media debate was about legality. Snowdon’s actions were illegal and the NSA’s were legal. I would even concede that as true. However one’s actions were right and correct the others showed the grasping depths that our Govts go to to retain control for the people they represent [not us] and their deep contempt for freedom, people and democracy.

If Secretaries of States and Home Secretaries want to say people sitting in closed booths watching sexy webcams in GCHQ Cheltenham is legal, fine. If they want to say that sending undercover filth to impregnate protesters for the crime of believing climate science is proper, OK. If they say that backing death squads in Iraq is in the National Interest, whatever. If they say supporting al Quaeda in Syria is the same, it’s a view. They want to continue to hold people in the Guantanamo Torture camp without charge or trial having released the big boys of al Queada after doing deals, who am I to disagree. However why should I tolerate such marginal toilet licker opinions and they not tolerate any dissent?

The illegal label is meaningless and arguments over its application about who is in power not right or wrong.

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Dec 08

According to Oxford PPE graduate Theresa May Islamic State present the gravest threat this country has ever faced. Of course May is not up on her history but the sheer stupidity of her comments when cracking down on bad driving would save more lives is noteworthy. However next to Philip Hammond, Cameron, Obama and “the gimp” John Kerry she’s a fucking genius. Their policies of stoking war in Syria and Ukraine backfired. Now they have a carnivorous Russia playing with a Fascist Kiev. In Syria the Assad regime may be about to topple but now they do not want it to so swapped sides. Enter the dragons Israel and Turkey our supposed allies and recently not friendly to each other but both fervent backers of Islamic State against their enemies – Kurds in Turkey’s case and Hezbollah/Iran in Israel’s case.

UK/US policy is now beyond mockery or caricature as its supposed allies piss on it from a great height. To cap it all off the UK Govt is to build a military base in Bahrain so it can support that country’s refusal to democratise, austerity schusterity. Again the sidebar is these people have some of the highest educational qualifications out there and they’re all either morons or unaware of the own ignorance.

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Jul 16

These MPs voted against Emergency Data legislation to make legal years of illegal actions in future. Of course GCHQ pop the champagne as their viewing of intimate Web Cams etc was legitimised.

• Abbott, Ms Diane
• Betts, Mr Clive
• Binley, Mr Brian
• Bone, Mr Peter
• Brown, rh Mr Nicholas
• Cunningham, Mr Jim
• Davies, Philip
• Davis, rh Mr David
• de Bois, Nick
• Dorries, Nadine
• Durkan, Mark
• Edwards, Jonathan
• Flello, Robert
• Francis, Dr Hywel
• Godsiff, Mr Roger
• Hames, Duncan
• Havard, Mr Dai
• Heath, Mr David
• Hemming, John
• Hoey, Kate
• Hollobone, Mr Philip
• Hopkins, Kelvin
• Hosie, Stewart
• Lavery, Ian
• Lazarowicz, Mark
• Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn
• Long, Naomi
• Lucas, Caroline
• MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan
• McDonnell, Dr Alasdair
• McDonnell, John
• Meacher, rh Mr Michael
• Mills, Nigel
• Morris, Grahame M. (Easington)
• Mudie, Mr George
• Riordan, Mrs Linda
• Ritchie, Ms Margaret
• Robertson, Angus
• Sanders, Mr Adrian
• Skinner, Mr Dennis
• Smith, rh Mr Andrew
• Turner, Mr Andrew
• Watson, Mr Tom
• Weir, Mr Mike
• Whiteford, Dr Eilidh
• Williams, Hywel
• Wilson, Sammy
• Winnick, Mr David
• Wishart, Pete
• Jeremy Corbyn
• Steve Baker

The other 570 or so can kiss my arse.

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Jul 06

A week after President Loony sent half a Billion freshly printed dollars carelessly like a man tossing a fag [UK vernacular] to Syria to support ISIS and other Sunni fucktards the British Govt froze the accounts of the British jihadis fighting for a cause we clearly fully support.

Why would we deny the rebels 10s of pounds whilst the O’ Administration sends hundreds of billions? Is it to keep Muslims coming back to kill us in the news? To scare us into the point-less, for any positive contribution, and vast infrastructure of the surveillance state? We have never objected to mercenaries going abroad. We did not freeze Simon Mann’s accounts publicly when he tried to over throw a President nor that of his backer Mark Thatcher nor other rumoured backers – did we even lock any of them up?

This is to keep in the headlines these dumb fucks coming back radicalised to justify things that have so far at massive expense not stopped one terrorist attack according to even the NSA – likely to come back disillusioned.

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Mar 06

The sheer futility of blogging and not being linked to an organisation or ideology does grate. At the end of the day to not have my say even to a small audience and pretend doing nothing is no worse is a compliance with the Neo Liberal world of sick people like Obama, Cameron, Miliband and all.

We live in a world even in the US/UK where the US boasts of not listening to your voice messages but omits they watch your sexy webcam chats and categorise what percentage contain sex or nudity. Yes GCHQ on behalf of the NSA is filled with sticky carpets, wank booths and sick perverts. Do we call them Creeps now not Spooks?

The latest is the CIA spied on the people providing oversight of its equally wasteful and self defeating torture programs. Of course the people they probably have the goods on have suppressed this report and you and I won’t get to read it until all that is left of the Obama Administration is an eponymous library.

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Aug 26

Here’s the thing the empty moron says the NSA has oversight and can track abuses.


It does not know what Edward Snowden accessed and copied (Stole if you are a 19th century person who cannot understand the idea of copying data).


How does it know anything about what 10s of 1000s of analysts many not working for the Govt but private companies desperate to get extra patronage look at?

It does not.

There is no effective oversight.


Surely the NSA if they’ve nothing to hide they’ve nothing to fear? Why do their spokespeople keep lying if that is the case?

Unless Feinstein and Obama have been lying then the NSA treats elected ‘leaders’ like spokespeople giving them the Mushroom treatment – keep em in the dark and give them shit. Neither Obama and Feinstein mind either way they have millions of reasons to support this nonsense that has nothing to do with terrorism. Indeed given how glib O’ has been lately on the subject he quite likes trolling for the establishment and does not mind being a Pin Cushion whose every statement is disproved before he finishes it.

It’s worse in the UK but our newspapers are self censoring and only concerned with being pimples on celebrity butts, Guardian excepted.

These days I am starting to say ‘They’ about ‘Them’.

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Aug 20

Let’s live in the nether world that garbage politicians have reinterpreted laws to the extent if I went to David Cameron’s fridge to put a drop more milk in my coffee I’d get 5 years for stealing. Let’s live in a nether world where might is right and William Hague is a human being not an authoritarian Quisling. It is after all the world of the UK celebrity pant sniffing media who only want the freedom to sniff Charlotte Church’s pants.

Detaining David Miranda for 9 hours is purely bullying. He had nothing to tell them and clearly was not a terrorist. The length of detention was within the scope to do differently even of those morons who do this kind of shit. Why show your country up as petty, stupid and vindictive? Why have laws that make Saudi feel better about itself? Then to just use them as a display of impotent power says what? Stupidity for its own sake?

However what was worse was to do this seemingly just to get hold of his hard drive. Were they going to return the information to the Americans who already have it? (as arch cretin Louise Mensch claimed!)  Had they not traced his phone calls etc already? Did they think by taking his data and destroying hard drives at the Guardian they were doing anything but showing Britain as a police state? A stupid one to boot. Those who support this idiocy miss that it served no good purpose other than to make Britain and them look like cretins.

Book burning makes sense compared to this.

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Aug 13

Ask a rightie about public health, education and welfare and they’ll wax lyrical about the threat to their freedom. Yet ask them about the military, subsidised spying corporations and subsidised banks and all they see is paragons of virtue.

The growing cost of spooks and the needs of companies providing these services and others like prisons to grow has seen their costs rise but not the need for such services. Obstensibly this was about the need to stop people self harming with drugs and latterly to prevent small cells of lunatics committing terror acts.

Yet what threatens their freedom? An infrastructure that allows instant access to their private correspondence to some operator who for all they know is a sexual predator, paedophile or the person they cut up this morning.

Even their unproven nightmare of welfare dependency is a dependency not some insidious Booz Allen looking for new things to monitor. It costs assuming that these people would be fit for a job that was open to them. However it costs less than pushing those people into a criminal underclass. It costs less than letting banks break the law. Indeed it costs less than paying for massive growing armies of outsourced and unregulated spooks well beyond the requirements of tracking a few hundred relevant al Quada.

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Sep 04

MI5’s head used the first public speech by a person of his ilk to deny the UK Security Forces knew about torture. On the eve of the Labour leadership election David Miliband spent hours checking that he it could not be proved he had approved torture in Egypt – he assumed a strong talking to was in the offing? Before his election as President of the United States Barack Obama also said he thought torture was wrong. Continue reading »

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