Jun 12

This is not to decry the work of people who try to change things nor to poo poo their work. A lot of good can come from charitable works. I am talking here specifically about the hypocrites like William Hague and Gordon Brown who attach themselves like blood sucking leeches to campaigns and undermine them or for whom their support is hypocrisy defined.  Continue reading »

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Aug 17

Is the murder of striking South African workers by the state any less vile because the Govt does not officially follow a racist creed like Apartheid?

The fact is the biggest problems facing the 99.9% of us are the other 0.1% whatever their or our race, creed or colour. Whether it’s P W Botha or Jacob Zuma who are ultimately responsible murder is still murder and the real crime racially aggravated or not.

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Oct 10

No I’m not talking about financial debt albeit I probably could be. I am also not talking about AGW but I probably could be. Nope it’s debt in terms of what it has borrowed from the Earth.

The underground water supplies currently be trawled deeper and deeper in the 3rd world to bring the Western World such daily essentials as Coffee, Roses, Flowers etc. The soil sucked dry to produce goods to send to us in the West. The resources burgled at a short term price with no thought of the future.

The rivers which many countries use for drinking water are increasingly contaminated and likely to become the subject of if not wars diplomatic skirmishes. We’ve seen how a relic of Stalinism has come to bite Hungary and have an outside chance to hit 5 other countries who rely on the Danube.

Never mind the two state solution to Palestine how about the growing water grab between Israel and Jordan? When people take your water do you die or fight?

The number of precious minerals and commodities being used to extinction. This drives much of the undercurrent to the spats between the US and China.

I worry less about financial debt as being poorer for even a decade or more is not an end to life. It is not extinction. Poverty brought by the greater success of others Capitalism we in the UK can hardly complain about. However a world poverty and starvation providing the world’s rich with luxuries is not a pleasant idea.

That the boot may be on the other foot for many westerners who have read the Daily Mail or any of Britain’s tabloids like The Times and Guardian will hardly make for much Schadenfreude from someone like me who lives in the UK.

Where environmental debt does equate with national debt is that much of it is to produce cash crops to pay back western banks with money provided by China and the Far East. The goods that Western economies mostly no longer earn are produced at the expense of the environment in the 3rd world. Can our banks allow them to not borrow from their water and soil for our benefit? No.

So in the end all debt is linked. The goods produced to pay debts cause carbon to be released and in turn are paid for by countries who run year in year out deficits. That these goods may come with an even greater debt only adds to the tragedy.

The point is that regardless of whether you view AGW as a lie or a conspiracy or believe it truly it is not the only part of the environmental iceberg we are steaming to.

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Dec 16

It’s clear that the main aim of Copenhagen from a 3rd world leaders point of view is to get money from the developed nations.

The developed countries aims are unclear but with elections a constant sore for them probably do not involve making real cuts in CO2 emissions. They do not need African Nations and small islands which they are harming to cut their consumption related to greenhouse gases. They only need them there to pay them off for allowing Climate Change to kill their populations and flood their homelands.

Paying large sums to the 3rd world is not compensating as their islands will still disappear and their poor still die of starvation. The money will go to an elite and actually make the median person poorer – rich elites make countries their personal fiefdoms and kill any chance of private enterprise like Equatorial Guinea whose people live squalid lives despite high per capita incomes from oil. I can only assume as the likes of the Maldives disappear  their leaders will be safe in Switzerland no doubt with the Western leaders getting their kick back on the blood money pay offs being discussed.

They should be discussing is deep cuts in CO2 stemming from Western consumption – this alone is enough. The compensation and pay offs  should be the least of their concern at this point where it is not an inescapable fact. It is surely a mockery of sense to get 200 odd world leaders together to hammer out a deal. The only logical reason for this gathering appears to be to accept Climate Change as fact and that the damage will come to pass without any real attempt to stop it.

This century’s Stalins are not ideological or paranoid merely weak and greedy.

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