Jan 12

Alex Salmond the anti intellectual head of the SNP has decided aside from a ballot on independence that he will hold ballots on how much of the UK Scotland wants to share in. Continue reading »

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May 15

Alex Salmond the First Minister of probably the best answer to any leftist I can think of, Scotland. If any state shows up the shortcomings of lashings of public spending, public jobs and handouts not leading to a better society then Scotland is it. It leads to bad architecture, graft and a dependency culture or put simply sad lives. No doubt the left will defend its entitlement to misery!

Naturally when you create a dependent society it never advances and with vast public sector cuts on the horizon Salmond in a gallery playing moment of the first order asked for even more money – if he wanted to be taken seriously he would have represented Scotland not played to the galleries of his home land.

Salmond’s fatuousness comes from a self righteousness based on the fallacious logic that as Scotland is near the oil brought ashore in Scotland it somehow owns it and is in fact despite being the most over funded part of the union deserving of more. The whole history of a bankrupt Scotland sniveling at the British table for a Pork Barrel and Union in the first place is ignored to try to consign pre 1975 history to the dustbin.

It even provides tuition fees for no extra tax to its students which allows at least its best and brightest to move to London without debt unlike the poorer English students. Like Wales prescriptions are free which probably helps a country where drug addiction is the worst in the country.

Scotland’s charmed place has been generally cemented by having a ludicrous number of MPs for a  small country. It has 41 Labour MPs and with its Pork Barrel and Graft culture provided a power base for the taking over of the Labour Party by a clique led by Blair and Brown whose policy differences with Labour supporters I detailed the other day. The Scottish Labour Party was always considered famously corrupt to boot.

Labour got its reward for buying off Scotland with 41 seats – Scotland supports locking up innocent children and Rendition clearly. It’s why even with 20 more seats a coalition with the Lib Dems, with 11 Scottish seats, had no chance to succeed even if they had 340 seats between them as no way could even the fatuous unprincipled Labour party have patronised Scotland in an austerity drive and its MPs like Salmond would have rebelled and shown only a self serving regard for their fellow Scots.

One wonders if with 11 Lib Dem seats there Scotland could be the fault-line for  the new coalition. After all a relatively similar percentage have wagged the Labour dog for too long – to no one bar a lot of middle class Scottish students benefit (benefit is almost an ironic term of course).

The coalition will of course be further tested by the Conservative’s close association with the Unionist parties. Northern Ireland thanks to the troubles and lubricant for the ending of them has become Scotland’s mini me. However with the Tories having 1 seat in Scotland they have little to lose there and with the Liberals have likely 349 English and Welsh MPs bad luck Scotland.

As Jonathan Meades opined 1% of Scotland are heroin addicts and one wonders how the other 99% refrain.

The addiction to Pork Barrels is not about to end but they may not be as deep in future.

BTW Try taking an English prescription to Wales and watch the staff in Boots work out how to charge you for it! It’s funny.

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