May 17

I am under no illusion at my lack of reach in this world. Indeed this is arguably the chronicle of a mad man locked in a room with a type writer if Costa counts as a padded cell which it should. Nonetheless should this reach anyone I do have a message for those who want to change society. Sadly I am not among them possessing neither the care for my fellow man nor the driver of personal insecurity. Writing this blog has left me neither left nor right. Neither pro or anti Capitalism. Merely with a deep undimming hatred of the neo Liberal consensus but almost more on the grounds of its anti thought. A form of narcissism based on self gratification as well as the sheer idiocy of the World Economic Forum, IMF, ECB and Bilderberg view of the world.

If people wish to take back their lives and countries they should consider removing themselves from what Govt provides. Govt is a captured vessel of the Wealthy as even the so called Leftist manifesto of the Labour Party showed. Labour for their part represent no one. The problem is that as people we have become atomised. Indeed with the push to take people off 100% benefits into subsidised transfers of money to the wealthy via low paid jobs people’s time to organise is reduced.

Nonetheless there are answers from using cryptocurrencies and creating your own local economies businesses. These of course require people to get together as communities and rob their landlords and masters of economic power. Does this happen anymore? Or do the poor sit at home watching a constant diet of neo Liberal propaganda and insults like Masochists? I am skeptical.

Yes you can march in London and feel the warmth of masses only for the media to point to some trivial sacrilegious vandalism whilst Labour politicians who killed upto 1200 people in one health authority or backed murderous pointless wars that have killed 100s of troops and thousands of civilians, and let perverts at GCHQ spy on intimate webcams get tough questions about their poll rating. Or Tories who have not yet mastered wiping their own arses [Grayling] and killed many with a Health reorganisation that cost Bns and continue to pump subsidy to fossil fuels which is aimed at making Labour’s slaughter of the sick look like a chimp’s tea party.

Sure we can continue to wax about policies like Land Value Tax and Debt Jubilees and other eminently sensible stuff but it can hardly happen in the teeth of a febrile media controlled by the neo Feudal pigs at the trough. We can’t look to the next Labour Govt as any different to the current Conservative one in terms of anything but steepness of descent.

For me disengagement is the way. When the enemy is stronger withdraw as Charlie Sheen said in that movie.


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Nov 30

Immigration raises it’s head and the main parties policies may be best described as moronic. The concentration on benefits is political and as with the austerity cuts probably going to cost more than it saves. The point is the swivel eyed of Migration Watch may not like immigrants and try to put lipstick on why they don’t but their view is rational to a point and I accept widely held.

The response of the neo Liberals is cloud cuckoo land. It’s jumped the whale. It’s ridiculous. The clear point is as much as we would wish it otherwise the neo libs’ policies of selling off council houses, creating asset bubbles and a rentier economy, privatising public services and their desperate desire to monetise the NHS and Education, without calling it privatisation, means we cannot expand services or build more infrastructure except at exorbitant cost. Make no mistake the reason that the UK could not cope is not lack of land or lacks of natural resources or opportunity. It is it conflicts with the aims of the major political parties.

LibLabCon should really form a single party and stop lying to us there is any major difference in policy delivery and that they stand for something. At present on Immigration and other issues they say we can have our cake and eat it but it’s very unclear what if any cake they are talking about.

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Mar 23

Workers declining share of wealth and productivity gains has been hidden by rubbish inflation numbers and massive expansion of credit and housing bubbles for over 30 years. This has combined with greater financialisation and the voracious appetite of those who take no risks – known as bankers mostly but large corporates too. 2008 has actually accelerated the trends without altering one thing indeed greater and greater percentages of wealth are controlled by a small elite who make risk free gambles and get to load the debt on the populace through their politicians. Continue reading »

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Jul 28

I have a relative who’s done rather well. He’s the social mobility that people say is missing. What does his example mean to the other 1000 who went to his school? Does it mean because the boy done good the rest who have not eating at soup kitchens makes society fairer? Social Mobility is a sign for me not a goal. Its lack a sign of a society where Capital is hoarded by a small connected minority whatever creed or colour or religion they are, The Privileged.

Now US Liberals who tend to lead UK Liberals or Progressives as they ironically call themselves have coined the term “White Privilege”. Now it’s true people at the top regardless of the odd token are mainly white. Indeed away from elections and politics probably more so. White Privilege to extol the need to promote a small minority of a minority is just another angle of the racist creed of Multiculturalism. A few token faces to pad the reality that society does not use the full talents of its people only a mostly chosen clique. I wonder if this is a way for mainstream ‘Progressive’ politics to isolate Occupy and the growing numbers who see through the ‘left’ ‘right’ farce of a debate between our major political parties.

Austerity reduces public  education and health on both sides of the Atlantic. The poor they’re likely to get poorer. Yet take care of Health and Education and offer jobs with real wages and everything else will take care of itself to a degree. Economies of countries dedicated to their financial system parasite create no wealth without creating ever more debt – unsustainable. They atrophy the rest of the economy into an unchanging zombie existence that neither pro or anti Capitalists should support.

This is a downward spiral that doesn’t care what race its victims are.

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Sep 23

The latest banker friendly wheeze to borrow even more from our future to try to reflate the holed bubble is this: let people gut their pensions to help their kids buy a house! This is stupid no not stupid but really bloody stupid on so many levels. In no particular order

  • Asset prices like house prices are a bubble being maintained by Govt policy of QE and artificially interest rates
  • Chief losers in all this are the pensioners whose return on savings, investments and pensions are almost nil and unless they’re particularly rich or middle class they really should be joining the Occupy movement.
  • More money into houses would further push up prices that are too high which is the issue.
  • This is mortgage interest tax relief by any other name as pensions are subsidised by the state – another back door subsidy to the financial goons.

The only people this helps short term are

  • Middle class kids who get a house they cannot afford at an unsustainable price so long term their parents money will go up in smoke
  • Bankers get more of the minute %tage of collateral they can call upon’s price upheld and it means more profit for them to deposit abroad.

Long term this policy is madness. Building houses is the answer and the answer to so much more. Even if the UK went bust if it built good quality houses and infrastructure it could bounce back.

Does Clegg see this? Is the banker’s son feathering his nest or just throwing simplistic rhetoric around without a clue?

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Apr 21

Jeremy Vine and the so called journalists on Panorama showed why people are skeptical of people who try to bring up the problems of immigration. Their premise was that Britain was full up especially the South East.

This was based on factually: lots of net immigration:  we had the smallest houses and highest prices in Europe (Plus Ca Change?): Roads were slow moving. These ideas were unqualified, un-contexted nor was the historical significance of them tested. A sort of anti intellectual argument based on popular ‘common’ sense.

This was supported by key evidence from ‘experts’

  1. A mother in Barking whose kids lived in a damp slum and who felt immigrants got the housing. Oh and I loved the medically questionable view that all 4 had asthma because of the dampness!
  2. A man who had been commuting from King’s Langley in the slowest manner imaginable for 10 years (no I have no idea why that was significant either bar showing the Tube is rubbish).
  3. A teacher from Manchester who had more students than expected and did not like it.

Bang conclusion the premise they started with – we’re full up and it is getting worse.

Actually the only facts on offer were that net immigration was falling. That employers were filling vacancies with low paid foreign workers who were somehow fitting themselves seamlessly into the Labour market and finding housing in London’s commercial sector without whining about over crowding. That some economically inactive mothers would rather stay in a hovel where they were born than move to better housing in less pressured parts of the country.

I finally  got why Immigration Minister Phil Woolas comes across so sour and angry it’s because he has to listen and answer doom laden questions from mealy mouthed journalist tossers with no mind to reason or accept the probability that trends are temporary. In the 80s these runts moaned about the brain drain now in reverse they refuse to see benefits and demographic needs or even to consider what an aging society with the baby boomer bubble of oldies should do.

There probably are real questions about immigration but Panorama raised none and played to the bigoted moron brigade. Not surprising I guess with Vine and the rest of the lightweights concerned.

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Nov 30

John Denham the so called Communities Secretary chucked in the following gem of specious politicing:-

White working-class communities feel a justifiable sense of grievance and deserve additional help reserved for minority groups

It shows the cul de sac of the divisive and patronising creed of multiculturalism at the heart of New Labour. Somehow the 90+% who are so called ‘white’ are now an oppressed race under this Govt.

What the working classes of all groups have suffered from is the failures of Govt. If white working class communities are being failed it’s because New Labour is failing all working class people.

I am sure the ethnic working classes and poor don’t feel the last 12 years has been some nirvana for them. Their children are being left by the way side and leaving school ill educated and equipped. Their children are also growing up together being taught to fetishise their petty differences when their shared experience is the same – no social mobility and being left to rot in poor housing with no access to the best health and education.

The pressure on housing from immigrants if true is only because they are not building enough homes and have not been for 12 years. Indeed Labour have deliberately stood by and allowed immigrants to cop this for their decisions. Yet now they find BNP votes threatening their seats they don’t man up and take the blame they de facto endorse the BNP position.

Brown’s outlandish plan to build new housing without the resources to do so will further hit established communities of all types by cutting the budget for repair and modernisation. A temporary fix if it’s anything and  long term pass the problem to the next Govt or the one after.

What are they trying to achieve? As though the working classes will suddenly say “you’ve only had 12 years to make our lives worse and I am sure it will improve if we give you 5 more”. I can only assume the Govt is assuming the working classes are even dumber than their education system assumes. 8 years on they are as desperate and dangerous as Billy Hague to shore up a low vote.

If we must sub divide the country like a human cake then the most indulged minority by per capita spending is what Denham would call ‘White’ and ‘Sir’.

The Scots.

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