Jul 09

The Greeks were probably not brilliant in their negotiations but equally most of the rhetoric on their incompetence etc comes from neo Liberals without any meat or facts. The problem is what Greece wants is not on the table – Debt relief. Europe wants more and more extend and pretend and misery in the periphery. The irony being the technocrat [neo Liberal banker pets] Govts of Italy, Spain, Finland and Ireland are concerned their populaces will want some too.

In reality few outside The Troika argue that Greece’s suggestions are anything but sane. Few would argue that an austerity George Osborne trumpets but makes sure he does not deliver (just an excuse to boot the poor IMO) that was imposed on Greece can or will work. Few would argue that taxing Greece’s oligarchs does not make sense – except the very amusing troll @Greek_Analyst. Yet that is the deal imposed if they do not default.

In some ways this illustrates the rhetoric games of neo Liberalism. You impose a choice like the prisoner’s dilemma and regardless of any other choices that could be available you ensure those are the only alternatives they can choose. You then morally browbeat them and blame if they try to break the confines of your sick game and choose the alternative that involves risk.

No winners here but Europe has shown itself as a petty stupid confederacy of dunces.

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Jun 20

Will it make it easier on you now
You got someone to blame
U2 One

It’s said by some that Socialists eventually run out of other people’s money. With neo Liberalism it’s might be people to blame – if that is possible.

Its central construct is that all taxes and debts are the responsibility of taxpayers. The problem with this construct is it requires low interest rates to support the resulting debt mountain caused by transferring assets/subsidies to and inflating assets of the wealthy and debt to the populace. It requires Govt to cut back everything else to take on more debt from companies.

Thus with no solution since taxing the wealthy and rentier incomes not wage earners would be as anathema as it would be good Capitalism we have to blame someone and subject them to below normal standards of humanity, as after all it is their fault. Hence the unemployed who receive £2.4 Bn in Job Seekers Allowance are targeted when RBS gets that every year just in direct subsidy. There is talk of the health service not treating people who [over] consume legal products like cigarettes and foods designed to make you over eat.

In Europe the Greeks are targeted because after being imposed an unworkable deal, as the sane members of the IMF accept and the insane Lagarde does not, their economy is tanking. Europe seems to want them on a drip feed so they can never grow. This will of course involve selling off their assets cheap to the Wealthy and turning public services into a stream of income for German pension funds. Now because their debt has been nationalised by ECB and EU Govts they are subject to the political whims of economic illiterates who get elected pimping people to blame! For all the talk of Game Theory by Greece the only people using Game Theory here are the neo Liberals.

After the Greeks it will be Italy and Spain. Maybe the worry is if Greece gets a sustainable path they will want one too not one that ultimately leads to subjugation. Equally it could be any perceived positive for Greece will lead to the election of Govt’s less committed to blaming their own people and delivering the anodyne world for the majority that Christine Lagarde, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair see as so desirable. The end result will be poverty the norm but if you join voluntary work camps you’ll get a bowl of rice after all your poverty is your fault. Conservatives go along with this nonsense too I think partly because it is veiled in the language of The Market and involves hating on the poor but also because for all the bluster and fibs they love to run all powerful States too.

Of course as said the neo Liberal world will be all about equality and as long as you’re not poor or a woman you’ll be OK or enough of you to vote correctly any rates.

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Jun 06

The Greek crisis is becoming a shining example of the modern ideology of almost all ruling Western Powers – neo Liberalism. I’ve commented before on the sheer inanity of screaming legal and illegal – indeed the left neo Libs are the worst at this hoping courts, yes courts, will overturn the logical consequences of their beliefs they refuse to recognise.

Peter Kažimír @KazimirPeter Slovakia’s Finance Minister
#Greece has to focus on completion of programme – that’s mutual priority, debt restructuring is not on the table #eurozone #IMF

Completion of a programme that has shrunk the economy by a quarter. What not enough for you? A programme IMF economists admit was a mistake foisted by the rapist Strauss Kahn to save German and French banks.

Debt restructuring not on the table when they have debts they can never pay back what kind of moronic toss is that? It makes absolutely no sense.

These psychopaths or incompetents believe what they are doing seemingly. There is no evidence what they are doing works and plenty that says it does not.

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Feb 22

It’s a bizarre nether world I inhabit obviously but cannot square the circle. The problem is this people want Greece to honour debts it cannot pay following economics that will never work. Ukraine which has no viable financial model, was already deep in debt, completely corrupt and is now a war zone we should support?

Not to gloss over the issues or to much care if the West stoked, created or encouraged the coup in Ukraine that took a bankrupt energy poor country off Russia’s economy and dumped it in ours. However if peace broke out tomorrow in the Ukraine what the fuck would it do?

Greece in depth is better covered elsewhere (not the national media obviously but look up work of Tomas Hirst and Frances Coppola) but outside the Euro would clearly have some sort of viability – take other tourist destinations which are war zones or run by nutters or under threat from nutters or fascist cesspools. Seriously do you want to support the terror financing despots and slavery of the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar et al) to see some modern architectural atrocity or see the Acropolis in person? Alternates are Turkey! Tunis? Israel? Eastern Europe? Australia? Give me <5 hours away similar timezone boats olive oil tomatos fish islands history…. Greece could also by breaking from the downbound train of European neo Liberalism make itself anything from a Gambling mecca to a Technology centre or anything it wants to be.

Greece reforms and kicks out the vestiges of institutional ‘Socialism’ that the corrupt PASOK party installed. Removes all the grace and favour sinecures. Installs modern tax gathering and other things. Then breaks with the Euro. The short term ceasefire will allow them to do this claiming they have to under pressure. Syriza’s main drawback is of course they are a party of the Left and have to pay tribute to tenants of idiocy but for Greece they should sacrifice temporary popularity if necessary. Will they? Does anyone with power do what is right not best for themselves anymore?

Oh and put the Goldman Sachs bankers who lied to Europe and the people in jail that got you here. An European Arrest Warrant would be a fitting end for them.

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Feb 13

UK, USA and Japan have had years of QE and it has not achieved investment or inflation or trickle down.

Thus you may ask with this actual evidence and the Euro tanking anyway why the ECB would do QE? It apparently wants inflation which it will not get. Never ending QE?

Given it is either ineffective or unnecessary for the usual goals it can therefore only be to transfer wealth to the rich? The ECB can hardly claim they do not know what it does now after the examples given.

Anyone who doubts this is not a kleptocratic or plutocratic system probably believes in the tooth fairy.

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Jan 28

Neo Liberal on the Conservative wing
Great job: Syriza’s Tsipras has destroyed >€50bn market capitalization of #Greece’s stock mkt in his first 2days.

@Someone Him personally. Greek voters nowt to do with it. Why do neo Libs personalise everything?

The point here is a) he changed his tweet to 5Bn although since neo Liberals generally go with what number suits them neither figure that important b) er what he personally trashed bank shares? Surely they should have collapsed as election went entirely with the polls? Also he is essentially decrying bank shares dropping as they may lose their state backing. This guy wrote a book on the evils of the state but of course the role of the state is to nationalise debt. The neo Liberals, sorry Labour fans, do not care for sick people or to educate the poor other countries can do that on their own tab so we can exploit it whilst reducing the poor to scavengers on the anvil of Austerity.

I read a lot of Labour fans tweet Cameron has done this or that and even the NHA party. I tend to only aim at them when they make personal statements like un-encrypting the internet or the latest fascistic quote from Theresa May. As much to show that the spokespeople for Corporates/Oil/Banks are just that and have no idea what they are talking about. Even the increasingly ridiculous and vicious POTUS I try to use Obama Administration except when referring to something their chief spokesperson said himself. It’s one thing to attack their ridiculous statements but more of what they do is a collective and done by Govt apparatus that will be there when they’re gone. To attack a leader because idiots still held Greek Bank Shares expecting infinite state aid and no risk is bananas but typical.

I don’t know why the media climate is so personalised and febrile I suspect it’s an ad hom’ thing that it is easier to attack people than ideas. That when your ideas are bankrupt and cannot work you aim your ire at your opponent to pretend your position is more moral – no don’t ask me why but the neo Libs love being sententious. It’s much easier to hate people on the other side when you agree on so much as Cameron and Miliband and Blair and Brown so clearly do.  For instance the child like attacks on Alex Salmond for putting a case for Scottish independence as neo Libs fell over themselves to cry about this as a personal slight.

I guess to demonise an enemy doing something as even right wing economics judges would agree needs doing in Greece is the only desperate resort of neo Lib fans. Indeed many who obstensibly agree try to predict SYRIZA losing popularity which appears the main problem according to the neo Libs. It [neo Liberalism] is a lunatic cult that cannot control its emotions it seems.

Is its success due to it plying the human weakness to feel superior? All opponents dismissed with a line of purest zero meaning rhetoric.

Next week I’ll define what I call a neo Liberal.

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Oct 24

In true Tesco accounts style by adding every little piece of crap and allowing for illegal industries GDP is being pumped or because it measures consumption and asset inflation or whatever the UK Economy is growing at 3% a year. The EU with many countries contracting says it wants 1.7 Bn more and Cameron is all a tizzy. A Tory party who had ramped up the rhetoric on Europe hoping for a few concessions just got raised all in and is holding a 7 2 off suit a massive housing bubble and debt with a balance of payments shocker kicker. Plus Cam probably thinks it will be someone else’s problem in May.

Now I would want a lower EU budget. It’s a essentially a Common Market predominantly not a pan National Govt. However the likes of Cameron can hardly complain as they back the insane US policies that have transferred the Ukrainian begging bowl from Russia to Europe. Likes Ireland and Ukraine might well cost the UK more than this additional fee not to mention the need to pointlessly bomb the ISIS scum with obsolete aircraft. Business and bank subsidies are circa 120Bn before considering the 40 Bn contributions to private pensions going nowhere or the 8 or 9Bn a year for RBS.

At the end of the day arguments about leaving the EU but staying in the Common Market make most sense to me whilst most countries share a currency we don’t. However the level of debate is as deep as paddling pool. I doubt many realise there are 3 levels of this Out, Common Market and EU.

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