Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Apr 05

The Iran deal in the face of objections from hardliners in Iran seems fair enough.

After all even Netanyahu was reduced to the ephemeral OK but what about getting Iran to recognise Israel. Would that make it OK then? Er so what are you objecting to again? That some meaningless statement from someone in Iran would bring your support [it would not]. In the end the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and many nations from Israel itself to South Africa have illegally [ha!] developed nuclear weapons.

It does seem odd that loads of people with no interest in the region were there but not Israel or Saudi. Of course the reason is they did what Iran seeks to do and that would have been a little bit embarrassing. Or was it because Israel is the new Ulster and Netanyahu the new Paisley? “Ulster  Israel Says No” to everything. Let’s hope Rouhani and Netanyahu end up known as the Chuckle Brothers like McGuinness and Paisley.

Or maybe not.


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Oct 04

It takes a peculiar form of nihilism to think any god wants to spend time around someone who just cut a defenseless man’s head off.

I takes an even more vapid form of nihilism to stand up like Cameron and say we will do everything to revenge this when you know you’ve sent a squad of obsolete Tornado aircraft that were to be scrapped. Tornado ‘craft that can fire 2 missiles at likely only fuzzily be identified if that. Worse to fight an enemy we supported in our proxy war with Russia. The inanity and ego of the US administration is staggering but the UK has been right with it.

Two days 2 schools in Syria were attacked by what one I assume is meant to call Islamic Moderates to separate them from IS. The people the vile Obama Administration wants to give half a Billion to and is supporting by bombing IS.

Alan Henning was a truly inspired human being those who killed him and once supported his killers and now issue platitudes not so.

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Sep 26

Labour MPs and others were claiming they were not making the same mistake at 2003 in supporting bombing designed to boost Islamic State’s standing, sorry.. stopping IS from ummh doing something being a threat to the region somehow bombing London or was it Paris or New York or whatever they’re evil, fuck it move on.

This was Fuck Yeah not Shock and Awe. This is Cameron showing despite being an Etonian and an Oxbridge 1st he can just say ‘what the fuck’. Strategy schmategy, tactics what the fuck are they, you wants goals you can’t handle goals. Think Bush and Blair were a couple of clowns we’re funnier and better dressed. Ed Miliband talked of helping a democracy after their unelected President, self appointed after a quiet coup, asked for help. Ed’s in with equals with Cameron and Obama.

Yet 2003 was planned. Sure Rumsfeld threw the post invasion plan in the bin. However unlike here where the people involved are doing it to placate the weapons industry and help the Democratic party in the mid terms. Yet there is no aim here other than the most nebulous. Bush and co for reasons that may seem laughable in reality wanted to build a stable Arab democracy and control a shit load of oil. The Obama Administration and Cameron Govt are doing this because? Find one regional expert who expects bombs to achieve Bo Diddley. They talk of a 3 year war but there is no plan. It’s a case of bomb and play it by ear no strategy no goal no endgame no thought.

Make no mistake if Bush was stupid Obama, Miliband and Cameron are dumber and clearly so. If he was nefarious then they are more nefarious and clearly so.

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Sep 21

It’s really lucky that the UK Parliament has Rory Stewart as Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to point out bombing Islamic State is a complete waste of time and resources. He can tell Cameron and Cameron can tell that nice chap Obama and job done. After all Cam’ and O’ laughing and joking and being good fellas to down a few with and can leave serious stuff like thinking to the likes of Stewart. Also Cammy and Oey could just ring our allies Qatar, Saudi and Turkey and tell them to stop fucking helping Islamic State if it actually mattered to them. It really is that simple.

Of course who can blame the Obama Administration the Democratic Party might lose Senate seats and State Houses if it challenged the moronic wisdom of the narrative it has created to drone people for no reason. They can hardly say look we’ve been lying for 6 years and actually the truth is we killed lots of people because of PR.

Then again O’ could just flippantly say “We murdered some Folks”.

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Jun 29

Americans have jobs making weapons is that it? Cos nothing else makes sense anymore.

Giving half a billion to re-stoke the Syrian contest that is all but won by the other side is merely a gesture of inhumanity the impotent grunt of an increasingly weak President. It is using the Syrian people as statistics. It’s support to groups known to have used the chemical weapons that was the supposed red line of the President about the other lot. The US will now spend Billions fighting even if by proxy the same forces it is arming in Syria in Iraq. No one with a hold on reality could claim that ‘enemy’ ISIS forces (numbering only a few 1000) won’t get hold of the weapons. That is such a poor position it’s probably handy for the Administration that John Kerry a man for whom the sobriquet ‘useful idiot’ would appear polite understatement is there to state policy with a straight face.

We have to face the fact for all our pinsticking in Bush effigies Bush had a doctrine – dumb as it may seem to us. This Administration has no doctrine or ethos or humanity or intelligence.

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Jun 12

This is not to decry the work of people who try to change things nor to poo poo their work. A lot of good can come from charitable works. I am talking here specifically about the hypocrites like William Hague and Gordon Brown who attach themselves like blood sucking leeches to campaigns and undermine them or for whom their support is hypocrisy defined.  Continue reading »

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May 05

A few weeks ago some Ukrainians may have been shot by their own security establishment and apparently according to the US/UK this was wrong. It was wrong in Syria and Libya. As we know you are only legally allowed to execute people in other countries without due process who are no threat to your country to keep your poll ratings up and pretend to an ill informed domestic populace you are doing something about a war and threat you largely invented, see Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan et al.

Well the US and UK would like to announce that it’s OK to kill your own populace if you are funded by Western Interests see Ukraine.

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Apr 25

Hundreds of Nigerian school girls have been kidnapped by vile Islamic whatevers ITN and Channel 4 News call them but known as Boko Haram. It is horrible this male cult of bullshit referred to as  fundamentalist Islam and anyone watching would be horrified at attempts to not educate women – except for extreme religious people of course (see some purportedly Christian US States trying to nationalise women’s bodies). Yet what did ITN or Channel 4 not mention?

That we in the West support Boko Haram who are funded by our ally Saudi Arabia. The same as the al Queada rebels in Syria we support them too. We don’t support them in Afghanistan directly of course as then we’d be killing our own soldiers but the Saudis do and we support them and sell them weapons. So we oppose Jihadists in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan and don’t like them in Nigeria but are quite happy to supply their backers with arms. Which means we really are happy to play both ends and wonder why people hate us?

The West’s support for Saudi makes no sense of course but it’s not a conspiracy it’s just a lot of people with a vested interest looking after their own patch. It’s conformist leaders who get info solely from briefings from media and lobbyists, who in turn are briefed by vested interests and unofficial spokespeople in a circular debate between so called intelligence and so called security services, Mainstream Media and Govt.

This troika is on display if people choose to look because the last one with the last Labour Govt broke down – oik like working classers Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson who aspired to be something are to be knocked down of course no one who counts is. The people who excused/supported/benefited from their excess sit in sinecures, some like David ‘Torture’ Miliband even hope to come back. Just as William Hague will likely retire to a humanitarian post having supported Saudi jihadis and opposed them without having the smarts to see the contradiction – a man who can sit in a cabinet that allows/supports the abuse of women at Yarls Wood and can then ponce about in photo shoots with Jolie campaigning against rape in war!

Does it make the likes of Hague or Miliband or Obama evil? Or does it just show how vacuous and credulous they are? A conspiracy? It’s not a conspiracy it’s far too simplistic and there is no veneer on it. Being able to conspire is not something you can accuse anyone I mention above of doing.

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Apr 04

Having invested 2Bn in getting Ukraine to revolt it turns out the US Aid budget tried to create a Twitter for Cubans to foment revolt. No wonder the UK Govt insists on an Aid budget staying so high it’s a slush fund for illegal activity. It’s money that can be directed anywhere with few questions asked.

As said before the thinking behind the Ukraine is pure stupidity. The West will now have to buy gas and make the new ruling elite richer than they already are. Who wants to be on the hook for $160Bn from a country run by in some cases actual and proud fascists? No wonder the EU balks at sanctions as Obama (POTUS) ludicrously and Kerry pitiably claims that interfering in sovereign countries is wrong – no odium for Kerry the poor lar is just out of his depth as he was in the Dumb v Dumber Presidential election of 2004.

Of course the US lost its democracy this week as more campaign funding limits were removed by the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] which counts pizza as a vegetable and corporations as individuals. Those who think SCOTUS will protect their liberty from POTUS’ pant sniffers in their booths wanking over your webcams in Cheltenham England at GCHQ need lessons in life. Maybe they and John Kerry could have a joint seminar for simpletons on how the world works.

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