Aug 27

If the Russians et al want to fight back against the USA invest in guaranteed encrypted emails and phone messaging and make it accessible to the world.

That’s it.

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Oct 21

Paying back the deficit will be a lot like a Mortgage it will appear like the amount is static before it dips. Thus in the early years the difference between brutal cuts and measured cuts will be small. Indeed the biggest danger to reducing deficits is another recession which by its nature will be prolonged.

Thus in many respects the Ed Balls keep spending policy is not so flawed except that it’s a policy  that never finds a reason and leads to a creeping public sector and a private sector that is at best moribund. It produces an economy that produces nothing and consumes a lot and eventually one assumes there will be a reckoning. The other flaw is that using Govt borrowing as a stimulous is OK when people will consume but if they save the money and are buying foreign goods, as they are, the Accelerator effects may not even outweigh the drag of Public Sector spending.

Essentially a position of no cuts is to defend the world of Gordon Brown where everyone is expected to doff the cap and be beholden to the magnificence of Govt. To have the Russian view of we need a strong leader and to be told what to do. Indeed the behavioural aspects of Brown’s National Social Democracy are disturbing. Britains litter everywhere despite bins. Despite London having more street furniture than the rest of the non UK world combined people hurdle barriers and Jay-Walk. Train stations are an unpleasant cacophony of announcements about what you should not do – as though you planned to forget your bag or missed the hundred no smoking signs. Brown and Balls would have created a dead world of form filling compliance and one must fear that Ed Say Anything is of that ilk.

Nonetheless just because Labour is an unrepentant party of dictatorial and depraved dislike of anything human does not make Osborne right. Given the difference in interest is so small over the next few years with the Darling  plan then the additional hundreds of thousands on the Dole is an unnecessary risk. The Darling plan is what Labour would have done. What the politician Johnson has come up with about merely taxing the Banks is of course focus group led nonsense. as Ed Miliband said Labour are only about positioning for electoral advantage and hence will make statements made of pure air.

The kind of neo con neo liberal neo stupid policies of Osborne have not worked very well for the most part. They have utterly reduced Iraq to a militia state. They did not work in Russia and led to the ‘Brownian’ Putin taking command – some tongue in cheek there for the sensitive Brownites out there.

I can understand Osborne’s ideas and drivers but all policies like his do is cement the position in society of a few rich people at the expense of jobs and industry. Sure the opportunistic and frankly hypocritical Keynesian arguments of an infantile left allow him space to get away with it but it’s far too risky a policy.

For the first time I question why the Liberal Democrats see this as necessary. It comes across as a fait accompli and there are reasons to think we need it. However  like most extreme politics this is based on believing the worst can and will happen.

Sadly for me I have to advocate a middle course and would suggest the Darling plan was the best. Precisely because unlike Osborne or Brown Darling was a career politician and as unreactionary as we can get.

Osborne actually agrees with my view we need to produce more in Britain and we need a more dynamic private sector. However this is not achieved with unrelenting economic gloom as I experienced growing up when the nightly drops in the £ and FTSE and rises in unemployment were as much as back drop as Punk and the New Romantics.

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Dec 03

Airbrushing history is something the BBC correctly claimed Russia was doing over the butcher Stalin. That for political purposes or merely feel better the people of the former Soviet Union be they Georgians and Russians pine for “Uncle Joe” one of history’s foremost butchers.

We do the same of course. Winston Churchill a man with an abhorrence of dictatorship and the ideal staunch presence for Britain alone and at war.  Yet he has a hand in many of the problems of the modern world with his tinkering in the Middle East and Balkans. These things are never mentioned here when Churchill can apparently top Darwin as the greatest Britain. The thing you never mention is Gallipoli of course.

Indeed 3rd on that list was Princess Diana a person who did some high profile charity work but really how charitable a view do you have to take to rate her as even great in our lifetime or the last 20 years? The point not all feelings are objective and should we lecture Russia for not wanting to have its own history shoved down its throat.

4th was Darwin. Wow and he was 4th behind Diana, Churchy and Brunel! Go figure.

OK you say but none of these are Stalin and it’s surely a sign of people being positive to overlook people’s foibles – ‘Positive History’ as Putin calls it. Yet the process  is the same wanting to ascribe extra qualities to well known people who we want to admire but ignore negatives or a lack of tangible achievement (David Beckham anyone?).

The UK has its equivalents to Stalin it’s just we never mention them. When I was learning all about Clive of India, Oliver Cromwell, Henry VIII and all the other mass murderers of British History no one mentioned the millions killed. Indeed three of the worst episodes of imperial history like the Potato famine in Ireland, Slavery and the millions of Indians dead from starvation as the British Empire’s gangsters demanded ‘The Vig’ from the Maharajahs. Arguably these massacres then were proportionately as bad as any – killing ‘only’ a few million then was a higher percentage of the world’s population than say 10 or 20 million now.

We know who William Wilberforce was and how he supposedly abolished slavery but what about the people who started, continued and supported the trade? Why are they not as infamous as Stalin? Where do the ports of Liverpool and Bristol display their guilt? Indeed Liverpool self styled city of victims yet where do we hear of its shame at slavery (or Heysel even?).

We are not given or explicitly told the names of the Prime Ministers responsible or the Kings in our bloodthirsty craving for empire and dominance –  to be honest I’d have to look them up myself. They are not listed as they should be with Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Indeed they escape the infamy of even Paul Gadd.

BBC’s sanctimonious John Sweeney thinks it unbelievable Russia would rehabilitate Stalin. Whilst we do not have the de facto state bullying of Russia we have means to shout down those who disagree with wars or what is accepted and acceptable. Today in the Independent we had reports of people being bullied in the UK for taking pictures of  ‘Fish and Chip’ shops. Ditto it’s illegal for you to photograph a police officer. Even or should that be especially if he is killing a Millwall fan insisting on using his right to walk where he wants as happened during the G20 protests.

The point of all this is not to defend Putin’s Russia but to make the point that liberty and truth is under threat all over the world. The supposedly self proclaimed free countries use the media and other pressures to shout down those who question the “Accepted Wisdom” (my official 21st century oxymoron).

History strays from the unpleasant to those in power in all countries.Russia is not an exception it’s rather depressingly the rule.

Truth and freedom are symbiotic.

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Nov 29

Apparently a train was blown up and people killed in what looks an act of terrorism in Russia.

Circa 1999 5 blocks of flats were blown up in Moscow. Horrific terrorist attacks it seemed.

These bombings stopped after the 5th such bombing after members of the FSB, Russian Secret Service, were seen leaving the last site. This at a time when the Russians were massacring civilians and in Hollywood parlance unleashing hell in Chechnya. Seems to have been a cheap trick to justify the murderous nature of their Troops?

Sadly as the west falls these brutal self justifying State Capitalist regimes may be the future.

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