May 10

Are we seeing all that is there? I was touched by a German piece which helpfully in English pointed out the difference between outward rhetoric and the internal reality of German politicians. Thus the thing that really riles up politicians is optimism not hard questions. Indeed ask David Cameron if the average British family will be able to buy a home in 5 years time after another economic miracle. Bet that would have the tetchy creep being very tetchy. That’s not on offer.

The fears I would presume are that what is happening to western economies (slowing growth) and that this was an inevitable function of Globalisation. That low Western investment was a function of low labour costs in a global market. That this could turn around as China’s birth policies and usage filled up. Does this make more sense of the austerity meme whereby the west deflates and transfer payments need to reduce?

Personally I think this is a factor and certainly the unskilled racists who want to prevent immigration really really misunderstand that importing the skills here will have good side effects in such a world rather than leaving the skills abroad or even to be imported by other countries. Nonetheless it should not obscure the idiocy of handing trade disputes [TTIP] to a committee of lawyers to prevent countries changing Environmental/Banking/Pollution laws and the banks blowing debt bubbles. Sound economic management is still needed even if you can explain some factors by rising skill and access to the market in the rest of the world.

Indeed one outcome is surely to back infrastructure investment not just as graft as Tories and Labour do [HS2 Low Speed Old Tech Money to Friends]. How do you create a premium for doing work in the UK or any other country? You certainly won’t by privatising income streams and nationalising debt. Nor will you do it with subsidy paid out of the wages of workers in that market.

Maybe a proper response relies on Politicians being honest or even knowing why they do what they do. The fear I have in the UK is that apparent idiocy is not because they cannot explain it but because they believe it.

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Mar 07

Ed Miliband said we should not mistake his decency for weakness.

Odd as I would never mistake his weakness for decency.

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Apr 08

Lots of Labour fans getting all high and mighty on the Tories over the entitled Miller and their lack of self awareness is fucking laughable, they didn’t start the fire?

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell,
Rupert Murdoch, Bank Of England, Peter Mandelson,
Robin Cook, Bernie Ecclestone, Prudence, Pension Raid,
Goldman Sachs, Gold Sale, Globalisation.

Gaynor Regan, Geoffrey Robinson, Donald Dewar, Devolution,
Iraq, Depleted Uranium, Insurgents, Afghanistan, Clare Short,
Cluster Bombs, Rendition, Torture, Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon,
Charlie Whelan, John Reid, Charles Clarke.

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

Ken Livingstone, Frank Dobson, Friendly Fire,
Rebekah Brooks, Corrupt Police, Alan Milburn,
Fuel Protests, Prince Bandar, PFI,
City Regulation, John Prescott, David Miliband,
Dirty Hospitals, New Laws, Un-Elected PM,
Ed Balls, Ed Miliband, BP, Subsidy, Arms Sales,
al Megrahi, Jacqui Smith, House Flipping,
Expenses, Ruth Kelly, Housing Bubble,
AtoS, A4E, Serco, Student fees, Surges, Lehmans,
Bilderberg, Davos, GCHQ, CCTV,
10p Tax Rate, Alistair Darling,
Northern Rock blown away what else do I have to say

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

The Tories didn’t start the fire they just added more wood…

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Mar 21

My one gripe about David Hare’s Turks and Caicos was not one character was wasted. Like when someone uses a nail gun early in a thriller you know what will happen. Thus the protagonist’s friend got a job at just the hotel he wanted to search rooms and was handily the brother of the Police chief – you could argue her son was not needed but he gave the reason for Nighy’s character to beach bum and run into an old CIA lag who yes knew him from before. His ex girlfriend miraculously works for the bad guy and gets flown over to boot for a reunion. What I would call a cacophony of coincidence.

Nonetheless an antidote to the ridiculous violence filled shows that depict secret agent torture and violence as achieving anything. Not a patch on Page 8 mind.

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Oct 25

Len McCluskey may have many good features but I’ve not seen them. Whether he’s making a fool of himself on Telly or leading workers to the Dole he’s there front and centre. A buffoon of a Union Leader who never has a strategy or place to go. Who leaves workers between a rock and a hard place.

Seriously I’d rather drown than join Unite.

The only issue is how much graft and backhanders did INEOS get? Some suggestion of 300Mn in loan guarantees or £10 an income taxpayer? £30 apparently if you count the clean up cost when it closes in a few years but that would happen anyway. This is money the inadequate McCluskey has cost you. Classic politicians as long as jobs are involved any fraud or chicanery or waste is a good thing.

When Jonathan Meades finished his tour of Scotland arguing the country as an independent would rise or fall on Grangemouth he may not have been far wrong. It will fall.

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Jul 16

George Zimmerman the real issue is how someone self selected can be a vigilante with a gun quite legally. This can be confounded by really stupid ‘Stan Your Ground’ laws. Everything here stems from the rights of Zimmerman to have a gun and be in any way validated to stalk/harass people. Plenty of people of all races have died from these silly laws. It might have been a bigot’s motivation his being there with a gun and a right to pick a fight he could end with his gun. You can’t simply change the Zimmerman’s of this world with their irrational beliefs – after all a majority of his countrymen believe in G-O-D. You can change gun laws.

When Jean Charles de Menezes was executed for being a suspected Muslim in no position to defend himself or even do the things that the Police officers would claim as a fig leaf there was no trial. CCTV that is inescapable for the rest of us suddenly does not work we’re told. Mercifully in the UK shooting is not that common an occurrence nor can everyone can elect themselves Police Marksmen.

Like the author of de Menezes execution, Cressida Dick, George Zimmerman someone will promote this sack of excrement. For sanctimonious Brits at least Zimmerman was tried and indeed he might be tried under Federal Law for violating rights. de Menezes executioner was never tried even when the excuses used for his killing were proved to be lies by the Police (indeed if the Police were so happy this was just an unfortunate accident why did they lie through their teeth?).

There’s no comeback from murder for the victim and sometimes not even for their families.

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Jul 06

Labour has been silent this last year gradually backing every Govt policy in the hope of getting rich after the next election they may have blown. Max Kaiser at least understands the larceny going on in a series of tweets:-

The biggest problem Britain’s NHS has is that it can’t defend itself against City of London predators who want to chop it up and sell it off

I don’t think people in UK understand that breaking up the NHS means millions in UK will no longer be able to afford health care. #suckers

The ‘new’ NHS will be replaced with an equally inefficient more expensive system; one that the majority of Britons won’t be able to afford.

Size of Britain’s NHS is same size as Ireland’s economy. Like Ireland, it’s in the hands of financial terrorists and nobody cares #fools

Put into perspective: NHS does over £200 billion ‘turnover:’ at going rates, privatization (‘sale’) should not go for less than £4 trillion.

The Irish, Greek, and Cypriot economies were small enough for City fin. terrorists to attack and big enough to make some decent money.

‘Privatise:’ giving outside interests (sometimes foreign countries) the income stream from institutions (like the NHS) away for pittance.

If the UK gets anything less than £4 trillion for privatizing the NHS, the UK people are getting ripped off. (1/100th what gov’t asking).

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Jul 04

Theresa May has banned the drug Khat one can only assume to boost the illegal narcotics trade and the terrorists who can profit from that. There’s no over riding medical need to do it. It becomes very useful no doubt to Somali Islamists if the supply is illegal as it forces up the price. If they have to take other drugs then so be it too. A whole new community could be recruited to criminality, well done Mrs May.

May’s reasoning is either stupid or the Banks and friends of the Tory Party like HSBC sense more money here. Is any who is sane and not corrupt arguing illegality means less money to terror groups? To criminals? Less drug taking? Less misery?

Of course not unless she is a moron.

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Jun 24

The NSA White House says 50 and more plots have been foiled specifically by their snooping programs that cost Billions. They can’t point to one conviction as a result of this. Not one.

Nor can William Hague and all those former Home Secretaries in the UK.  It is amazingly expensive and cannot produce one piece of evidence in its own defense. Having spent all this money of course the leaders will not claim its unnecessary*. The point being buffing up conventional intelligence and not relying on machines will be a better bang for the buck. At present cost per terrorist is likely infinite.

This is ‘clearly’ not about terrorism. As today in the UK we found out Special Branch moved from Trade Unions to the anti Racist and Climate Change movement. That’s produced no positive results either.

I am sure good people have stopped attacks like the New York subway attack through good intelligence. I am sure some people do valuable work. I am not damning Intelligence per se just having my own insulted.

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Jun 23

From Frances Coppola’s blog a useful primer on what is and is not happening with this banker friendly policy.

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